Time with the neighbors

              Twas the night before the primary and all thru the house, all the voters were stirring for last minute tid bids and miss-speaks. Teflon John sat beside the open door with a smile and warm cocoa, listening to far away cries of the hoot owl, while I in my kerchief and Ma in her cap had just settled down with a few friends to discuss the long winter’s events of primaries and debates.

             “They started out with such promise and we had such hope, that with all those who had chosen to throw their hats in the ring, a good man or woman could be found to lead us out of this mess we are in,” said Mrs. Dewier from across the street, shaking her head in disgust.

            Overall it was not the happiest group. The comments that we heard, to say the least, were no that encouraging. “I’d never vote for her. She changes her opinion as the wind blows,” said my neighbor pouring a small shot of whisky into her cup of decaf tea. “You can’t tell what she think’s. Besides, if she gets in you had better get rid of your guns, did I tell you, Eddies going to buy another AR’ because they are coming after them?” Such a scary tale I have never heard. Someone take that whisky off of her, and does she really have a valid voting card?

             And then my other neighbor chimed in, “and did you all forget that she voted for the war? She voted for the Patriot Act. She voted reauthorize the Patriot act, and she opposed the ban on land mines and she hates that United Nations.” But wait a minute chimed in another neighbor, “she is going to get junk food out of schools and add summer nutrition programs for the children and this time she is also going to get us some health care. And don’t forget, she is a hard core liberal and she will get us out of Iraq.”

             Anyone here for Obama the wife asked? Dah, yeah we are, said the new family that just moved here from Vermont.  “ He’s not secretive, he doesn’t have the baggage that she does, he wants to change things and with him we won’t have all this polarization that you can bet we are going to get if she gets in there!”,

            “Did anyone learn anything from the debate that changed their mind?” I asked to kind of get the energy turned away from the negative.” Yeah, the media thinks that all we want is entertainment tonight!” “Who cares if he wears a flag pin, has a radical pastor or can’t read his speeches right every now and then!” “I have a calendar of George Bush misquotes, miss speaks and truisms that will have you in stitches; if it wasn’t all so real!”

             I guess the bottom line, no one was really that happy. It’s all boiled down to Clinton playing the part of the little engine that wouldn’t quit, and Barrack being against guns and wearing a lapel pin. It seems that after all this, when this country needs more help than ever before from their leadership the best we can hope for is someone as good as…… and who that person is depends on which Party you are aligned with.

            It’ seems we on this primary eve are about to have a good grief Charlie Brown Christmas!  Geez, Louise!


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