Time voting; it’s really a brain thing

           When people tell you that you should follow your heart and not your head; they aren’t talking about voting. Whether you are sad or are happy or down regarding the final outcome here in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, we all only have our heads to blame for the mess.

            There is a fantastic speaker on TED that you should hear and see. Her name is Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. Just click on the link and sit back and listen. Pretty interesting stuff, eh? 

             Now back to the voting thing. Putting your heart and soul into a candidate has less to do with them than you might think. If you are studying what the candidate has done, looking for mis-speaks and fund management and at times ready to throw your hands in the air and say “hey, what does it matter who gets the job?” you are probably a left brainier who has gotten bored or disappointed in the past with your choices and see the same thing coming at you no matter what you do.

            Looking for a candidate that can do better regardless of their track record? Then you’re a right brainer. You are willing to overlook the details for now, in the hopes that all will work out eventually. What counts the most is that the candidate have vision of where they want to go. A right brain person is a bit of a romantic of sorts; feelings is  the key word.

             How did each candidate fare in Pennsylvania, brain wise? Obama drew his support from voters under 45, college graduates, and black voters as well as taking the Philadelphia area the largest center of population in the state. Right brainers to the tee.

             Clinton took the rest. The rest, despite the fact that all three major state newspapers and a state senator all supported Obama and his platform.  The steelworkers or should I say, “X” steel workers and the blue collar workers most effected by NAFTA came out in force for her. Her constituency that said, even though she has supported things in the past that hurt them financially, they supported her. Left brain all the way.

            Projecting ahead to the fall one has to wonder which brain side we will al be using by then?



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