Time at a beauty contest

           Well it almost had a carnival atmosphere about it; that being of course the Pennsylvania primary. One could hardly look out their window and not see a candidate passing by for a while here in Western Pa. But as Elkhart Tolle so often reminds us, “This to, shall pass.”

            Bill Clinton spoke at the local YMCA, and community college. Hillary was all over town and Barrack pretty much was treated by the media as the favorite son and he went to bigger engagements; the places that could handle big crowds, Michelle Obama was pretty much absent from our scene. The crowds were of all ages, and backgrounds. As has been the case nationally the younger and city voters tended to lean toward Obama. The working stiffs and country group tended to vote for Hillary. It wasn’t much of a contest if you look at the numbers only. Momentum wise, however the ball is clearly in his corner.  

             So who won? They both won. And we won. We got to see a part of the election process we haven’t been part of in a long time. Generally given the dates of our primary this thing is over and done with by April. We got to be deluged with commercials, albeit Obama out spent her in that department four to one. We got to wonder which one of these two candidates has the most potential to get this county out of the mess it is in.

            Did we fall for the election year antics of Hillary having a shot and a beer in a local bar or her rubbing elbows with Charlie who just got off the six to two shifts at the mill? Did we appreciate his ability to very logically talk his way out of any problem he might find himself in? Or his ability to coolly and swiftly remain on his feet always able to come off with an answer that makes pretty good sense despite the fact that that kind of question shouldn’t even be of concern?

            We have been pretty lucky here in Western Pennsylvania with the credit crisis. The boom that has struck most other parts of the country, completely missed us, so we don’t have the big numbers going into foreclose some of the other sections of the country have. What we do have is an economy that once was built on steel slowly metamorphosing into one that is built on technology and service. I didn’t hear any of the candidates address that; only that they we are going to work to get you some of those jobs back.


             I guess they didn’t hear that sucking sound of those jobs going off to Mexico and the rest of the world when they both supported NAFTA and other trade agreements designed to do exactly what they did; hurt us. Support t of Clinton means supporting a time when things were a lot better around here. Support of Obama mean supporting change, and to a man everyone is this section of the country is ready for a change.  

             Bottom line, it was a beauty contest, this Pennsylvania primary. And as is true with everything else, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and around here, she was looking pretty good!


One thought on “Time at a beauty contest

  1. Sandy C. Smith

    I thought the following very interesting as it comes from a good source in New Freedom,PA.

    Here in New Freedom, PA Ron Paul won 27.55% of the vote but in this (19th) Congressional district the Paul delegates won 100% of the convention seats. State wide the Paul delegates to the RNC took the day. In Pa the delegates are not obligated to support the winner of the popular vote, so while McCain won the popular vote with a very week showing, he has virtually no delegates.

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