Time and distance

           Well another day of distancing themselves from their past slowly comes to an end. Covering all of the channels on the nightly news this evening, Senator Obama finally put his foot down and said, “Reverend Wright who?” Not the same guy I have known for almost twenty years.

            Granted I doubt the two have been calling each other up and chatting very amicably these last few months, given the negative connotations Reverend Wright as of late has been surrounded by. You would think that if Wright supported the Obama Presidency he would wait till the man got elected to become such a public icon of African American malcontent with the American way.

            Lest we forget the other candidates in this race have done some distancing as well. Hillary at times has to distance herself from her own words, and I bet you a few bucks McCain would love to take back that , bomb bomb bomb Iran thing he spouted as well, as the we will be in Iraq a hundred years from now.

            But everyone has their own Billy Carter, now don’t they? Lest we forget Billy Beer! Wrights reasons for bringing up Americas past and current missteps and wrongs are truly only known to him. Yet if you were that upset and someone gave you a microphone and national platform to speak on, you would too.  Understanding we have dropped the ball a few times, have our own agenda and are run by corporate interests is nothing new. A simple fact though is that no matter who gets elected they will all be paying for the sins of the current administrations failed foreign relations policies and economic blunders with the economy for a long time.

            For his part, Senator Obama appears to want to start his administration off with a clean slate. An admirable ideal, but a reality few Presidents have ever had the chance to do. We have gone from a lending nation to being one of a borrower and it seems we can’t kick the habit, not that we have even begun to try yet. Things we would like to do we are not going to be able to because of who owns our debt. It’s not going to be an easy job for whoever gets it.

              The political process today is a twenty-four seven media event. Anyone associated with anything the candidates do is news worthy. What makes news is the sound-bite, and the better it can be presented in A-D-D fashion the better the news casters like it. It seems like a phrase I use a lot, but it is true here as well; that being, “this too, shall pass!” As far as the Obama candidacy is concerned, the sooner the better.


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