Time for the Laura B team

            Looking very upset about the situation, Laura Bush made a TV appearance tonight. To tout her new children’s book with daughter Jenna or to let us know how the two really liked working with the illustrator? No actually for something much more serious; the situation in Myanmar the county formerly known by the rest of the world as Burma.  

            A country run by a dictator that listens to astrologers and kind of didn’t make it out of high school. A junta, which is your basic pillage the treasury style government that wears uniforms with lots of medals. Given the fact that military dictatorships seldom care about opinion polls this generalissimo and his regime suddenly have found themselves with a real dilemma on their hands; whether to accept aide and the nosey people who bring it or to go it alone and handle the problem internally. Still reeling in the world of public opinion for their shoot to kill orders on the Buddhist monks who protested for some democracy, this past weekend Myanmar on the eve of their first real constitutional  referendum, was pummeled by a cyclone.

            Cyclone Nargis, which may be Malaysia for Katrina as far as this government is concerned, originally told the population that only 385 people were killed. As of a few hours ago that number had swelled to 10,000. No need to try to hide the devastation from the world, although the first orders from the government were to seal off the country from outsiders. It is rumored that the general population was not even told the cyclone was coming! You live in a house with a tin roof, the weather channel is just a dream!

            Communications are down, roads are flooded, and thousands are without food, shelter, clean water and any where to go. The rest of the countries 47.8 million are under equally hard times. But why Mrs. Bush, and not Mr. Bush?  

            Given George’s record for promising relief in a disaster, especially one tied to a cyclone/hurricane, having Mrs. Bush take the lead on this sounds like a good idea. Granted she has been the lead person for the administration when it comes to Myanmar it makes you wonder why they have kept her so quiet all these years.  


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