Time to update your vocabulary

            There is one word that needs an overhaul for this fall, and it starts with, ” F.” It will certainly find itself in the fray when the battling gets down to the name calling and we are appraised of both parties candidates long enduring histories of mis-steps. It made a brief appearance in the last election; you know the same one that painted draft dodgers and avoiders as good citizens and war heroes as liars and unpatriotic. I speak of course of the word fascism.

             Just the mention of the word sends a chill down the spine of any good Democratic process loving party member. Dare I say the only reference any of us have with the word is negatively connotated and rightly so. For Boomers the face of Mussolini is more than likely to pop up or of people walking around with wheelbarrows loads of money trying to buy bread. For the younger it just means something bad, no reference is available. Given our school systems poor ability to teach history it’s no wonder.  

            Painting your opponents with vehement negativity is a great election ploy. But when it comes to fascist tactics we need to take a deep breath and understand in this day and age, that word is more prevalent than any of us care to mention and it has changed a bit.

            In an article for Free Inquiry Magazine, author Lawrence Britt raises some ways in which the word has changed in the last fifty years. In a fascist state he tells us, nationality is the key issue. Wearing of things like, “lapel pins: and “flag flying” are the true measure and indication of true patriots. Human rights go by the way side, when it comes to national security, i.e. Guantonomo bay!

            A sudden wave of attaching government to religion arises as well as a marriage between government policy and the media, i.e. the fantasy news network. Or Pentagon spokespersons providing unbiased news sources to all to ready to broadcast their points of view as unbiased! When in fact, many of these, so called, “spokespersons, “work for companies profiting from the war. Or how about the sudden swelling of the prison populations; need I remind you that there are more people in prison in America right now than any other country in the world.

            And the two other things that really should have you wondering about the way things are going here in good ol’ America; fraudulent elections where the government controls the voting process and a world where corporations can do no wrong and are encouraged to expand into taking over operations formerly held by the government in the name of efficiency and economy!

             Just a few things to think about, when that you hear that word being bandied about this fall; hopefully the fall leaves won’t be the only red you see!


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