Time to hit the decks running

             Like a runner who doesn’t know when to quit, only to collapse from total exhaustion right there in the last leg of the race, Hillary Clinton keeps going on. Kind of reminds you of that sketch of Monty Python’s when they hack the legs and arms off of the guard but he still vows to fight on. It’s a shame. Where as a party we might have benefited from a good duel between two highly qualified candidates, singing basically the same songs we now stand looking lost and tired, having gotten no head start on the fall and still without a candidate to get behind.

            Plus we have the whole mess surrounding super-delegates. Many delegates were voted to Obama by their constituencies and many are still are considered up for grabs. And many may switch while riding in the plane to the convention center. Hillary is unlikely to win the popular vote of American Democrats but still has a chance if these delegates suddenly rally around here. But how Democratic is it to have a candidate that did not garner the popular vote? Why have the primaries at all?  It doesn’t help that the Republicans aren’t having this problem.

            Not that the other party seems to have gained any ground. In the press, McCain’s can do no wrong honeymoon, seems to be over. His past of supporting liberal ideas has won him no head start with conservatives and in a few news articles he appears to be a bit confused as to where he is. My favorite was his trip to Selma where he spoke to a largely white audience on the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s death. Now that is reaching out to new audiences

            Republican radio host Rush Limbaugh has instructed his listeners that Obama can’t win in the fall. He has told listeners that Obama “has shown he cannot get the votes Democrats need to win — blue-collar, working class people.” That he can only get effete snobs, the wealthy academics, and young. As well as the black vote. Supposedly not enough people fall into those categories to elect a president.

            The well oiled arm of Republican conservative radio stands ready and waiting like a wolf at the door to see which one of them will finally venture out as the chosen one. Bottom line, Hillary has often said if she is elected President she will hit the decks running knowing full well what this country needs. If she finally does win the nomination however from the Democratic Party in Denver, she had better be ready to hit those decks running a lot sooner!



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