Time for some good old fashioned Jingoism

           Webster defines, Jingoism, as “extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy.” And if you read between the lines you will see that it carries a bit of a nasty connotation with it as well. Sometimes we Americans need a good taste of loss before we take action. “911,” woke us up about the rest of the world, what will it take to wake us up to the fact that we no longer own our own country! Its time for us to awake to the fact that in this  global economy ownership in our dear country is shifting from here to over there.

            The latest loss of ownership hit home this past week. Seems we lost the taxi cab business here in Pittsburgh. I know of few other industries that take more of a ribbing at the hands of the late night pundits, and in most of our eyes loss of ownership of the Yellow Taxi cabs, falls into the, so who cares category. Not the number one mode of transportation for most of us. But it is indicative of a pattern, that we need to be aware of because at an alarming rate this and many other American companies are falling into the hands of foreign ownership.

             How prevalent is the sale of American businesses? Click on this link and watch the numbers change indicating the amount of money being invested, or should we say being spent buying up our assets. The true meaning of the Euro being worth more than the American dollar is coming home to rest, at an alarming rate. In shopping terms; it means we are having a fire sale here in American. Noting is exempt from the sale, our water systems, our docks systems, most all recording systems, businesses, and our transportation systems. Next time you go see Aunt Minnie in Chicago and run the Indiana turnpike, note that the ownership, pot holes and all are the property of Australia. Take a drink of water in most major cities or flush the toilet and say thank you to the Veolia Corporation of France.

             As more and more foreign corporations cash in on America for sale, we will truly come to understand what corporate ownership versus private ownership means; less money going to infra-structure maintenance and replacement and more money going to stock holders. It is the nature of the beast. A beast it appears we are going to have to deal with for a very long time!


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