Time both ways

            Okay you already feel guilty we as a nation suck up almost eighty percent of anything that is good in the world, while the rest of the world eats dust and dies of diarrheas at an alarming rate. You not only figure out your carbon foot print, but you are busily calculating your H2O footprint, as well as your gluttony and guilt footprint before you force your eyes shut every night with the help of a sleep aide! My God you are busy. But unfortunately we can’t have it both ways. So what is it going to be: corn for the car? Or corn for the table?

            Just when we think we have come up with a plan to cut back on our gluttonous desire to burn fuel in automobiles. That being; with ethanol of course, we get smacked right in the face, with world populations going hungry. Hungry to the point of riots for food; i.e. Egypt, Haiti, Cameroon & Burkina Faso!  And before you go saying,” But not here,” if you haven’t noticed the price of gas isn’t’ the only thing getting raised higher each day. Food prices are surging daily. We should be concerned. What is one of the main ingredients to the rise in food price world wide? Ethanol, derived from corn.

             If given some thought, we might want to think again about what our new fuel additive is  doing to  world food markets. Every item that uses corn is literally going up in price. Remember, corn is in everything. That first ingredient you read in just about every label, “ HFCS,” or better know as high fructose corn syrup, is the key sweetener to just about everything we eat. Granted by switching to it, we cut down on massive sugar cane pollution from burning fields, but in the end, this switch to mixing ethanol into our gas, could be a very serious of mistakes. It doesn’t help that Congress has gotten on the Ethanol bandwagon either with their mandate that we be bio fueled by 2010!

            It takes a lost of good old foreign imported diesel to make a gallon of ethanol. Ethanol cannot not be transported in pipelines because it picks up moisture and impurities and renders its self useless. So you must make it close to where you use it or transport it in trucks or on barges to the mixing areas. Not to mention transporting the corn to where you need to make it into ethanol. Add to this, once you take the corn and make ethanol out of it, you can’t eat it or send it overseas for some one else to consume it let alone make your favorite meal out of either.

            Additionally ethanol is not cheaper than gas, so forget that idea that now that we have added it to our fuel, prices will go down. They won’t. And bottom line ethanol doesn’t burn any cleaner than gasoline so forget about cleaner air as well.

                                                ( more to come)



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