Last week in a speech to the Israeli Knesset, the Republican Party let the government of Israel and the rest of the world, know how they felt. You might say, but the headlines said it was an off center rebuke of Senator Obama’s willingness to talk to the enemy? You say tomato, I say toe-mato! This lame duck President reads what he is given, the Republican party needs to get the word out, that after eight years of barely talking to the American people about politics, if  elected the new Republican President is not about to be talking to the enemy either.

             Hamas, Iran, Venezuela and North Korea all are the bad guys. In the human rights area they are as bad as you can get compared to the good old USA. We have stumbled form time to time, but bottom line, we usually get it right eventually. But they are realities and denying they exist only accomplishes isolation and allows them the opportunity to proceed unhindered with business as usual. It will always be a hard pill for us to swallow that in one of these countries the leadership was actually the choice of the people thru a democratically held election we monitored! Our deafness to them however is simply a remnant of a bad idea that goes way back to the cold war days. It is all so reminiscent of the fifties and sixties when not talking to your enemy was considered the best diplomacy. It is in fact diplomacy of no diplomacy and in true Dr, Phil speak, we need to ask, “How is that working for you America?”

            So last week when Bush said in so many words, “If America elects this guy, you folks are in trouble!” the word was heard loud and clear. McCain reiterating in perfect step he wasn’t going to be talking to them either, announced at a press conference pretty much the same things as the President said, letting the businesses, and governments of the world know, come election time; a vote for him means, business as usual!

            If you had any doubt that the Party and conservatives would be following in line behind their candidate, you can dismiss that as whish full thinking on the part of Democrats. McCain is a man that has been around a long long time and he knows how the game is played. The President will be kept at a distance but his speeches will be there to assure the party faithful that things may be a bit bumpy but not to worry.

            Even Bush’s supposed pro environment speeches regarding Green House gases are set to give the opinion that he might be changing his opinion on the direness of our climate problems, but upon a closer look are just more of the same designed to strength legacy not air quality. As noted in this article, there are no real plans for any of his plans to become a reality. Yet they give McCain the opportunity to at least sound environmentally concerned. How will all this play out this fall? No one is sure, but we all need to be aware, having the President of the United States riding shotgun, is more of an asset even today that it was ever was a liability!



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