How sweet it is

           Okay you may or may not have been born with a sweet tooth and one day they may discover the sweet gene and figure out how to control it, but for right now we all have to live at the mercy of the cravings. But more and more scientist are figuring out that our sweet tooth, may be the underlying cause for you and I to be tipping the scales at higher and higher numbers. And the younger we develop that sweet tooth, the bigger we get!

            Enter the HFCS artificial sweetener versus the pure cane sugar sweetener debate going on right in front of our eyes. A recent article in the New York Times, described an all new organic baby formula that was actually sweeter than the fake stuff, raising alarm among parents and Dr’s across the land. It doesn’t help that efforts to get at the problem are constantly in a state of corporate and scientific limbo. Depending on whose paying for the study, the results are still out on this derivative made of corn to replace sugar.

            A serious discussion has yet to formalize in the public arena and rising prices on all food supplies means that if it can be made cheaper with artificial this or that, well, eat first and worry about ingredients later may be the call of the day. And for those looking to strike up a conversation on the good vs. the bad of the product; you need to be wary of whose toes you step on. Even this scant post asking do we know enough, is being robot –blogged for potential legal ramification by the powers that be.

            If you think that you can get into trouble for making statements about the President! Trust me; anything derogatory about a food product can be construed as a terroristic threat these days. So prefacing this with, I don’t know, but I sure would like more information about the long term health effects regarding sweet additives might save me; might not. Need I remind you of the Alar scare? Or Oprah saying she wasn’t eating any more hamburgers. Food is the, and pardon the pun, last of the Scared Cows in our society. Tread lightly.

            You can bet the billions of dollars in profit these products make for their stockholders and manufacturers that they are not going to give up the fight or set out to discover which is better for us anytime soon. It is a fight bigger than that faced with the tobacco companies. “Winston did taste good, like a cigarette should!” we all believed it. It took years of independent scientific studies; years of cancer research and hundreds of lawsuits before anything ever changed. We haven’t even begun to complain yet, and when we do, what do we complain about?



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