Time for Supreme Thinking

             Having a hard time deciding who to vote for in the fall? You McCain for this but hate him for that. Don’t like Obama because of that, but are willing to take a chance because the last guy made such a mess. Why not base you one vote on the supreme reason for voting. The next president may be able to nominate at least two Supreme Court justices.

             That is two. As it stands now we have a decidedly conservative court. Add two more conservatives to the mix and it appears it will be years before the damage to your civil rights, personal rights and freedom can be restored, Not to mention that under a conservative court, corporations can do no wrong. How strange does it sound to think that the structure of the Court my be the truly damaging legacy of Mr., Bush!

            Not since the New Deal days of Franklin Delano has the court been in better shape to change history. That decidedly right swinging group , eventually gave us civil rights and the environmental protection agency!

            How important is this judicial body? Need I remind you they elected George Bush President, were able to interpret laws that were meant to give African Americans better rights in voting to mean that Corporations are real people and set the tone for all rulings coming from the courts beneath them.

            President Bush’s nominees of Roberts and Alito Jr have joined forces with Scalia and Thomas and are now set to interpret anything they see in a very serious conservative tone. So far they have crippled school segregation efforts, approved a ban on certain types of abortion, sided with developers over environmentalist, and made it very hard to challenge issues concerning separation of church and state.

            Much as the states were bitterly divided as Red and Blue in the last election the current court seems to be ruling “5-4” with a more and more conservative edge. You would think that judges like Thomas would appreciate where they came form but even he consistently votes the conservative line when dealing with racial preference and affirmative action issues.

             Add to this the fact that Stevens just turned Eighty and Ginsburg is Seventy five and you kind of appreciate the importance of your vote really quick.

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