No time for Veterans

             Watching the Stanly Cup Playoffs commercial line-up you definitely get the idea that this is Veterans week! Army, Air Force and Marines are really doing some heavy PR. Better known in our house as commercials that can have Dad swearing and gesturing at the TV faster than getting a reaction from dropping of a pack of mentos into a bottle of coke!

             The farmer and inner city Dad whose sons have done the research and really understand all the benefits of enlisting in the Army! The Hi tech Air Force where instead of flying planes you sit in a bunker and fly drones that spy on people –cool! Or the video games Army guys play to enhance their field skills. A trip to the movie theater has Iron Man fighting in Afghanistan knocking out the bad guys and winning hands macho down. Who wouldn’t want to join; it sounds like so much fun. Well before you sign up, remember one day you might get out and that world is less than fun for most Veterans.

             President Bush recently announced his opposition to any War funding Bill that contains veterans’ benefits and unemployment insurance as an addition to the war funds he is requesting for the War in Iraq and Afghanistan. Additionally it was recently reported in the Washington Post. John McCain opposes a Democratic-backed bill that would significantly expand the breadth of education benefits for veterans, and that is a policy first adopted for those returning from World War II.  

            As for all those billions that are being requested, where do you think they are going? To corporations of course; those that make this war possible. We couldn’t be there with out them. Halliburton comes to mind, but in reality they don’t even make the top ten in corporations profiting and doing business in this war. And trust me they are pretty busy. Many working on no bid contracts are barely able to keep up with all the work that is required of them.

            For the soldiers, the whole thing sounds like an old Popeye cartoon, “I’ll gladly pay you on Tuesday for a Hamburger today.” That hamburger by the way may be your life, you limbs or you sanity. With over ten thousand Veterans wounded and over four thousand who have given their lives for this administration and their ill conceived polices, it is just another fine slap in the face for Veterans of all eras, or as any Veteran knows, “Outstanding” 

            So as, Memorial Day slips by into another busy week without a Monday and for so many just another holiday sales event at Best Buy, please remember the soldiers. Supporting the troops and being against this war is not an unpatriotic act, no matter who tries to imply that it is. And one other thing, just imagine if the soldiers got their fair share of the money we are authorizing this year alone to spend on this war; each soldier could be netting a really big paycheck and you wouldn’t need fuzzy commercials to get anyone to join up, the line to sign up would be a long one!


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