Time to do the honorable thing

           On the television show Survivor a few years ago, one the final three found himself in an uncomfortable position. He had lied to his fellow contestants about something to get ahead in the game and in the final challenge he apologized and said being a man of his word, to prove to them he was truly apologetic he would on purpose loose the challenge he was competing in. This would cost him a million dollars, but his word was more important. Not being a fairy tale, he did loose the million dollars, but he left with his word in tact and having done the honorable thing.

            As we head into the final night of Presidential Primaries, it would behoove one of the candidates to do the same; the honorable thing! This primary season was the longest in history. Going over fifteen months, and costing millions upon millions. People were swayed this way and that, convinced and encouraged that this process works. Many were left more skeptical than ever, We here in Pennsylvania, who very seldom get a say in the primaries were actually involved this election season. Does the whole process have its problems; of course. Could we make it better? We can only hope so.

            Yet two Democratic candidates are still at it, and the lone Republicans candidate who has been running against a faceless opponent for six months or so has found his public opinion polls to be getting more and more positive despite the fact he is running on the most unpopular President in histories ticket and coattails. The Democratic Party has to be asking when this over can they ever put Humpty Dumpty together again!

            Candidate Clinton has attacked Candidate Obama with such vigor; the Republican Candidate just about has his script written for how to challenge his opponent. If Candidate Obama, says, “Well, Hillary, come join the party and be my running mate, everything he has said about her will add to the fray of material to be used against him. He will find himself defending what she said; “Aw shucks she really didn’t mean that!” And once the again the Democrats will be running a campaign on the back of a three legged dog; teetering at every step, dogging one bullet after another of this and that’s.

            In the Soviet Union, Mr. Putin can put a ban out and take anyone off of TV that opposes him. Not so here and the legacy of the battle between these two will in the next coming months take on a life of its own unless there is only one of them in the race. It is for sure a time to do the honorable thing, and walk away and be a survivor, and if I am not mistaken that was one of her initial campaign slogans in the first place!


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