Time to question everything

            Okay; you find yourself immersed in a conversation with a conservative friend and after you get done trading quips about the marriage of church and state as of late, the conversation turns to the fall elections and you get nervous. Every time this happens they always seem to be so well versed with facts and ready with an answer to everything. It’s almost as if they are salesmen who have an answer to your every reason for not buying. But before you throw your hands up in defeat, claiming been there done that and lost, no not going to do that again. Here are a few points to remember, to help you when they start.

            Mot every fact they have; is a made up one or one grossly over or under exaggerated. They live by the mantra, that just because it sounds believable, it must be. No statistic that is uttered today is totally true, or totally false. Unfortunately for most of us we were raised thinking that numbers are important and that solid figures mean, “Truth.”  As John Pinnette would say, “nay-nay,” that was yesterday, not today!

            To say thirty percent of the polar bears are dying every year means something to you. In an argument with someone solely concerned with winning the argument, thirty percent means nothing if it doesn’t strengthen their point. Remember when the numbers come out, immediately do the gloss over and simply say, “Who made that up!” “Or where do you get your numbers?” If they can’t give you a solid source for their numerology, dismiss them.

            Should they give you  a list of experts to support their findings, think back to the days when getting  into an argument with someone over global warming used to go like this; our scientists say this, and their scientist says that; stalemate. Years later we find out that most of their scientist only said what they did because of fear of loosing their jobs. They too, saw it coming all along!

            Thirdly; no matter what they say, more than likely it is based on hearsay from sources they believe credible, even if those sources are the fantasy news network. This right arm of the Republican Party is more than willing to be the sock puppet of any tid bit of information true or false. We have got to get away from the idea of lending credence to half-truths and lies that come from traditional news sources. Every one of our major news channels is owned by a corporation that puts news in the entertainment department!

            Case in point; we have three major financial news networks broadcasting twenty four seven. Not a one of them predicted nor sounded the alarm of the impending credit crisis. Why? Some have suggested that because most of the reporters all have or will one day be working for the same people they will be reporting on. One tends to not necessarily look the other way, but does see things different when you are that close and consider yourself one of the boys.

            So take a deep breath. Not talking is the worst thing anyone of us can do and a sure recipe for giving us all something to talk about when this election is over; and not how we won either!    


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