Time to go local

           Old habits are had to change. As of late we Americans; facing higher food and energy costs have found ourselves having to change a lot of things in our lifestyles that being least importantly the way we eat. That ever increasing hip and belly hang over has been linked to some serious diseases that are on the verge of over taking many of us. Cancer, diabetes, and a host of immune disorders are all linked to obesity. And face it; we are ground zero for it!

            Some are offering a solution that is, simple but unique in its offering; why not become a, “locavore,” Because it’s hard to do; that’s why. The word by the way is Webster’s word for the year for 2007. It means to eat what is grown locally.  You can add to that as well that eating seasonally, might not be a bad idea either. Meaning you eat fruits when they come out and other products when they are ripe in the climates you live in. Many have claimed we started to tip the scales in the wrong direction when we started processing everything we eat and food items switched from seasonal to year round availability on our tables.

            Summer squash we are told by some is better when it’s your own summer squash. The scientists are still arguing over whether that grown in our backyards or ten thousand miles away in Chile is better or worse. Squash some say is squash. Aside from the carbon footprint that ten thousand mile away squash makes the cost of eating on a world wide scale is not a cheap one. It only stands to reason, that the more hands handling our food and producing it the better the chances of it picking up a nasty bug or virus on the way to our tables. Couple that with fewer and fewer food inspectors on our end, and well, the price of year round fresh veggies skyrockets.

             And don’t look for it to get any better any time soon. Now that our appetites have been wetted for Chilean pears or Austrian lettuce at what tipping point will we quit buying blueberries in December at five dollars a small bag? The jury is still out on that one. It’s kind of like what is going on at the gas pumps. What are you willing to give up or to pay for gas as long as you can go to this or that in any random order?

              In addition to eating locally many are adding an, “L” to the word and coming up with being localvore.so that being a locavore, can mean a lot more than just food. It’s turning your sights to things that happen locally for you. And that doesn’t mean eating at the McDonalds because it is two miles away while the super market is ten!

            A surprising thing happens though, when sights turn to local food sources, issues, and happenings. As you do you begin to meet others doing the same you might just see a new community sprout? People you meet at farmers markets are no longer faceless produce you see on a supermarket shelves. Suddenly issues such as your local water rights and climate issues take on a new meaning and you find that where you once thought you were all alone in this big mess; that you are not and no matter what the problem. having some company always makes it seem like less of one!


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