No time for business as usual

            As the campaigns quietly drift into summer doldrums, from time to time you will catch tid bits here and there on news casts of what each candidate is doing. Little pieces of information about a candidates going about doing things that right now don’t seem that important, but come this fall will have a sure impact on their candidacy.  

             This past week, John McCain was in Canada. Showing of course that world politics and trade are going to be a big part of his Presidency. Already he is fund raising anywhere and everywhere that he can; this time at an economic conference. A fundraiser, Policy Statement opportunity: both for sure. Of course the Democrats quickly raised questions as to why he was in Canada. There are rules about where candidates can go and what they can do while running for office, especially where money is involved. Lest we forget, Canada is a foreign country as well. They filed for information under the freedom of information act (FOIA) and they were told, not to worry he was just visiting. Speaking at a conference on the economy; Canada’s and ours that is.

             What in reality he was doing was telling the Canadian business community that if he gets elected, it will be business as usual?  Not missing the chance to point out his differences between the Democrats who having fully heard that sucking sound of jobs going off to Mexico and are poised to act or at least rattle their sabers against NAFTA in speeches and campaign rhetoric. It’s a completely different thing when it comes to getting those jobs back here to America as we all have learned. We have sobered to the fact that if Americans want those low-low prices, someone has to make it cheaper than here. For the Democrats the whole mess is just adding insult to injury for it was Bill Clinton who pushed NAFTA thru. Oh, these things do have a way of coming back to haunt you.

             Which brings us to trying to figure out, how one grows a jar of sliced peaches in Greece and gets them to your table; two jars for five dollars. All the while telling you and I peaches grown in Georgia are too expensive to produce here? Government subsidy comes to mind. Wonder if the Chinese would lend us some money to build some shoe factories or toy factories here? Doubtful; but stimulus checks to buy more Chinese stuff now you’re talking.

            McCain of course accused his opponent of retreating on deals the United States has made. A theme he will be using more and more for sure. From the war to the economy changing the direction we are facing will be called, “retreating!” And no Americans like being called a liar or coward, which is what retreating implies in this campaign.

            No plans are yet set for McCain to go to Mexico. NAFTA there has brought many jobs but along with them in many areas an environmental disaster. Companies took advantage of cheap labor and lax environmental laws when they left the USA. Sadly their legacy their will be felt for a long time much as McCain’s will, if he gets elected running on the business as usual platform.


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