No time to rock the boat

            We Americans have been accused of a lot of things. Not the least; our tendency to be myopic about events in the rest of the world. We regard ourselves with a slightly greater air of superiority when compared to just about anyone, and in many cases it’s a rightfully earned tag.  The ugly Americans of the sixties who would rather turn the television off rather than be concerned about the world’s problems, have survived to be the myopic Americans of today. Which in turn has us living in a world shaded in gray?

             Such as the fact our military regularly fight and walk thru opium fields in Afghanistan but are ordered not to harm or endanger the fields in any way. Lest we disturb the local money making crop. While meanwhile back in America the war on drugs continues to fill our prisons with people in trouble with that very drug! 

            For all the posturing and rhetoric that has ensued to bring Democracy to the Iraq people, including the war and the millions upon million spent setting up their first ballot box; little has been done to accomplish it. Adding to that a, “we shall see attitude,” when we leave lets us wonder if once again, America has missed the boat.

            It’s a shade of gray area we are told. As it is in Africa where a country ravaged by aides, war and famine seems to have fallen off our radar. Sure we send some aide and can write some checks to cover a conscious or two, but get involved with sending peace keepers or take governments to task for their lack of action or humanity. Well go fish.

            Or the election that took place in Zimbabwe where results have been held and locked up. Sure they had been counted. But the present government under the harsh dictatorship of Robert Mugabe has no intention of loosing. Under Mugabe’s hand the government defines constitutional rights with guns and favoritism; not votes.  The silence from the United States over  Zimbabwe’s one-candidate presidential runoff has Morgan Tsvangirai  calling for help as he tries to gain the post he was rightly elected too. Unfortunately if you voted for him you are not telling anyone for it could cost you your life. Ones has to wonder if Democracy’s is so important to us, why aren’t we there? Well one five letter word comes to mind; China.

            China is very busy in that country. And their policy of not interfering with any government is a steadfast rule they do not violate. China is busy building infrastructures, hotels, businesses, buildings and roads to get this country back on tract. The last thing they want to do is to get embroiled in conflicts. Not good for business. As for the United States, we don’t dare get involved either. After all; the main supplier of money and coverage of our debt is China. Besides, what’s good for China is good for everyone.

            So while many may say we are myopic in our view of the world. What most need to realize, that hey, its business as usual.

 ( more to come)


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