Time to drop the rhetoric

             For anyone that has ever lifted an eyebrow when they heard that the paperwork had been lost or that the check was is in the mail, you have got to be doing a double take with the latest news release from the White House. It appears that the recent promise from North Korea to comply with our wishes to let us come in and take at look at their nuclear program and that they stop making the products necessary to make bomb, in the future is good enough for us.

            Who better to explain the  who, what, and why, then John Stewart. Click on this highlighted name and sit back and enjoy. As Mr. Stewart so right points out, the whole process seems to be real joke. 

            The ease of trade sanctions means that we can start sending them food again. In the past we have sent freighters loaded with corn and other grains in hopes of appeasing their leader. Bush was quick to add that if North Korea steps out of line again, we will reinstate the bans again. I’ll be that has them just shaking in their boots.

             Since his first inclusion of North Korea in the axis of evil in his 2002 state of the union speech, Americans have had bad feelings about this country. We have also know for a fact that including them as bad guys, was a no brainer. What befuddled us and made us mad was that we had no intention of doing anything to them. The Korean conflict still not noted as a war, still stands unresolved. In fact it is ongoing, with both parties only agreeing to return to parallels until talks can settle the crisis. Over fifty years, and talking has accomplished little more than achieving the status quo.

            What we have learned however is that sanctions once again do not work. Who’s kidding who? The people in charge have plenty of access to food and products. The only thing we achieve is isolation from the very people who may one day effect a change in the country. And besides, we will deal with anyone and not doing business with them is a far greater trouble to us than it ever is to those we disagree with. I mean after all the sanctions only work if both sides of the party feel the heat.

             So drop the rhetoric. Do your inspections. But in the long run, don’t except this leopard to change its spots; because it hungry!

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