Time to play pin the tail

           I am sure that you remember the game; pin the tail on the donkey. It is a children’s party game in which a blindfolded candidate is given an artificial tail and then asked to place it correctly. All the while following the directions and the jeers of on lookers; whose main purpose is to get you to make a mistake?  Sometimes the pinner is successful other times the tail gets put in some strange places. Kind of what the Republican Party is doing now.

            It appears they have to tag or assign a meme to their opponent. In today’s elections, tagging someone is  they way the race begins. Already there are tags flying around for both candidates and the success or failure of the negative aspect of both parties’ campaigns depends on picking the right tone. John Kerry went down as a Swift  Boater and that group is still trying to get their respect back!

            McCain has already been tagged with being a Bush re-do, a flip flopper and the old guy; the last being the most damaging. In an election that will see more younger people and I note that as under thirty five voting, see older as more of the same, and with an approval rating below thirty percent more of the same is not a good thing! Hillary’s inability to fashion a web site around the apple generation, hurt her bad. Being PC has become an obsolete term that defines you as old school; a bad tag. It seems being PC got old before it ever became popular.

             The Republicans have tried many trial balloons on Senator Obama. None have stuck so far. Finding another swift boar tag will be hard. Not impossible, just hard. Obama is relatively new to the party. His track record is relatively clean of any wrong doings and he hasn’t been around long enough to get himself really embroiled in the nasty stuff that seems to be the under tread of all that is Washington politics. Unlike McCain who has been a politician for many years and ties clear back to the Savings an Loan crisis.

            Senator Obama has even gone as far to put up a web site to fend off rumors. Trying to head off news items the fantasy news network and other news agencies come up in hopes of dealing with the story or made up story in the publics eye as quickly as possible. In a matter of minutes be the slander against something he has done or that of his campaign or wife are dealt with and explained. In this election one cannot forget above all else, that this is a game of hardball, even if at times it resembles child’s play!


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