Time with talking points

            There was a political cartoon in this morning’s paper that I must admit has me a bit miffed. Do people use that word anymore? Well just for now, allow it. As McCain grows in his new popularity among those who paid little or no attention to him less than a years ago, it now appears that many Democrats that supported Hillary are coming out for McCain. Not just men but women as well.

             The cartoon shows an irate husband asking his wife, “You were a big Hillary supporter. A Democrat! What do you mean you’re backing McCain?” Her reply is a bit scary, “Social Security, Personality, Individual Freedom, Taxes and the Environment! Wholly bananas batman! Is it possible that a Republican steeped in war and fear rhetoric can now have changed his tune to attract Democrats on social issues, say it ain’t so!

            It appears that more than some are willing to believe it. One has to wonder if Senator Obama’s personality has you upset, if that is really what is coloring you opinion of the man? On Freedom, talk is cheap. Under Bush and McCain it will be business as usual. Your personal freedom goes only as far as the latest terrorist threat. Habeas Corpus may be back, but in a very fragile state. When it comes to taxes, sooner or later all of that government we have outsourced over the last eight years is going to want a big raise. It’s just a matter of time and when the new price tags comes in, someone will pay it. McCain is a friend of big business, so even if you can’t read his lips now, you will!  If we haven’t learned after eight years, that things can get worse, then as John Prine so aptly put it; blow up your TV, get yourself hooked on Jesus, and move to Canada!

            Yesterday at a GM plant, McCain came out in favor of the Electric car. There won’t be one till around 2010 if you listen to GM and Toyota, the only ones with firm plans to make one. There is a great special out on, “who killed the electric Car,” I highly recommend you all see. The plug on this idea was pulled many years ago, by the powers that be, that had no intention of loosing new money on anti-gas guzzler technology. This all goes along with the 300 million in tax breaks McCain is proposing for the companies that come along to make the batteries. No one in the US does that stuff right now on such a scale as would be needed for you and I to start plugging in  and if you know anything about batteries, they are nasty to make, and even nastier to get rid of!

             That brings us to the environment. All of those used batteries are headed for landfills or to be recycled in incinerators. As for the power to power the cars in the first place McCain is calling for starting up the Nuclear Power industry. Bad leading to worse and you call him pro-environment?

            Kind of like Bush’s Hydrogen car, not going to be around for a while, but a great talking and rallying point for people paying four bucks and up for gasoline. So if you are swayed, even just a bit, let’s write it off as too much summer heat and hope by the fall all have come to their senses! If not, it is going to be a really long next four years.


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