Time a fuzzy politicking

              This mornings headlines in the local paper, announced that a former local politician had been indicted on over three hundred counts of criminal fraud. He and his staff as well as several other prominent Democrats all appear to have fuzzed up the line between politicking and doing their jobs. While their guilt is one that remains elusive until proven in courts, the bottom line here is a lot more to being politically active than any of us ever gave thought too.

             Our Vice President recently said that we are a nation of men, not laws. If that were the case these former office holders would be off and free not looking back. If that were the case then the country with the largest prison population in the world, would have some explaining to do, Lucy! State authorized time out, maybe?

            And all this brings us to the latest, twist of fate in the political arena. Understandably if you are Democrat you are for ending this war and looking for a reinstatement of your rights as an American. The return of Habeas Corpus is just the tip of the ice beg. What about spying on our private conversations? Eavesdropping and wiretapping once a shade of gray area for American citizens, is now fully legal with and without the consent of a federal judge. That is depending on the person making the request to listen to you. A bill fully backed by Democrats passed in the senate this week. And endorsed by Senator Obama I might add that gives the government continued legal rights to spy on you. And to add insult to injury you can’t sue the phone company or anyone else for doing it, or using the information however they want to!

            To get the Democrats to go along with this the Republicans made them an offer they couldn’t refuse. All the Democrats had to do was support the “FISA Amendments Act.” In turn the Republicans would support the addition of 95 billion dollars in domestic spending to be added to the latest appropriation for the Iraq war. A win win for both and a loose loose for us. Seems we can build bridges, fund veterans and support corporate America in their efforts to keep this war going and still politic they are against the war and too much spending. That word, fuzzy politicking seems to be coming to mind again.

            Makes one thing that maybe there was more truth than we thought when Bill Clinton said, “We can’t be so fixated on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans…”


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