Time raising coinage

            And there’re off! Financially speaking that is.  It would appear that the two candidates are locked in a tortoise and hare competition. So far, Senator Obama has raked in more funds than his fellow opponent Mr. McCain and building on what has was been reported as the, “sixty eight dollar donation,” raising $52 million in June alone! His opponent pulled in just over $20 million. We Americans tend to see winners as those who can raise money and looser as the ones who can’t; some one needs to step it up!  But is the true indicator of success found in how efficiently they raise money; or in how they spend it?

            Presidential campaigns are money holes. It seems into that category of whatever it takes, millions can be poured with little else but an ad here and there to show for it. Sure their accounts will be pored over from left to right, as to what they are spending their funding on but who wins can figure on a lot less attention than he who looses. The first clue any of us will have as to what kind of financial managers either of these two will be will come from how they handled their campaign funds. Who can forget the news that Hillary spent thousands on Dunkin Donuts and even more on consultants that provided her at best with marginal advice? She, who chooses unwisely, looses!

            The news spreading this week about America’s financial woes makes the need for a good financial manager that much more of a necessity. Yet the fact that both of these men are backed by very deep wells of financial support shouldn’t be taken lightly nor forgotten when the get the power of the Federal reserve behind them. Old saying, “how a man handles small affairs is greatly indicative of how he will handle large ones!”

             To all of this we add the fact that right now both candidates are trekking all-around the county fundraising. Speaking at big buck a plate dinners that most of those, sixty eight dollar, “donators,” couldn’t get into even if they wanted too. This past week found Mr. McCain here in Pittsburgh. Pressing the flesh and telling the locals that when he was held prisoner by the North Vietnamese and asked for names he gave them the names of the Pittsburgh Steelers defensive line as important military commanders in the war. Kind of stuff that gets a good war veteran really excited. Only problem was in his book he told the same story, only in it he had offered the names of the Green Bay Packers, defensive line. And to think that we all got upset over Hillary landing in a war zone that was more peaceful than the local mall! But it made a great story, that I am sure broke open a few check books.

            Truth aside for either candidate the reality of it all is that money no doubt will determine who gets on the television more this fall. Money no doubt will affect the outcome of this election. Unfortunately those that will profit the most by how much money gets raised are the ones who spend more than sixty eight dollars a month @ starbucks and quite frankly that is hard grassroots fact that we all need to appreciate.   

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