Time frozen in time

             Say what you will. He’s dammed if he does and he’s dammed if he doesn’t. Not an enviable position to be in when you are the leading candidate for the most important job in the United States. In what has been billed as Senator Obama’s Mid East trip extravaganza, in the eyes of the press, it appears to be so much more but in reality is just more of the same.

             Any criticism aside, it certainly is refreshing to see world leaders actually greeting and meeting someone from America with a smile on their face. It appears when they do as of late you could cut the tension with a knife. And do we always have to bring a check to be welcome. As most of you know Mr. Bush’s trip to Israel l last year was more than just a friendly, “ hey long time, how you guys doing,” visit. He had a substantial check with him to make the, “haven’t been here is a while trip,” go smoother.  

            Yet as the Senator goes about the Middle East from one political hot spot to another, surveying the situation and gathering information about what is going on for his eyes only, there are a few things we need to consider. Number one; no one is going to do an about face anytime soon there when it comes to American policy. While the liberally minded and American people in general wanted this war to end yesterday, it is not going to happen overnight. Already we are hearing things from the Obama camp, that things will stay the same for six months at least.  Regardless of what ever fouled policy got us involved in the first place, it is going to take diplomacy, some luck and sadly most of all time before we extract ourselves from the daily goings on in this county. Sadly McCain’s note that we will be involved there for the next hundred years may have been more prophetic than any of us care to say.

             Secondly, one thing is becoming more and more apparent to anyone who cares to acknowledge the sleeping tiger in the room; that being the power of the Jewish lobby here in America. All of the candidates, from Senators Obama to Clinton and McCain are all pro- Israel. They can’t get elected without their support, regardless of whether it serves our best interests to support their interests in this area of the world or not. The policy that we here in America don’t talk to terrorists was theirs long before it was ours.  And as long as whoever gets elected has their feet planted firmly in Israeli policy, there will be no solving of the Palestine Israeli conflict.

             This conflict involves so much more than religion and is much based on territorial boundaries, water rights and the very right to exist in your own homeland. Casting the United States to one side of the fight as it has been for the last sixty plus years means we can expect more of the same. Moments of peace from time to time separated by hours of conflict all paid with the price of human pain and anguish and sadly no trip of any political want to be seems to have any effect on changing the status quo; it is as if we are frozen in time and watching the rest of the world move on, while we are helpless to do the same.


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