Time away; not really

             Oh just shoot me now. Taking a break from all things political as well as business seems like it should not be that hard to do. All one need do is just take a few steps away from flat screens and computer terminals as well as radio, and film and, drive to an area where you don’t know where to find the latest papers, is not WIFI accessible and well, “Walla! You’re free. Not really.

             Sitting on a boat floating around in the ocean, the conversation quickly turns to politics! “Hey guys we are on vacation here!” Standing in line at a restaurant the couple in front of me, is determined to fight for this guy over the other because the other guy is after all, Islamic! Who wants an Islamic for President? Excuse me who told you that! “Oh boy here we go again!” And by the way, John McCain was not born in this country, but he still qualifies to run for President as well!       

            Frankly the din of politics and economics is inescapable. Obviously the Olympics have provided some with a bit of a respite from the concerns of the world; unless of course you are watching CNN for your news. The litter ticker across the bottom of the screen keeps you fully informed. I still can’t read and listen at the same time. No wonder so many of our children have attention deficit disorders. As Lewis Black tells us, your mind can’t handle the kind of stuff.

            Over the last two weeks we have had the lip-synching issue with the Chinese not being able to find a pretty little girl that can sing, John Edwards pulling a Newt Gingrich of disrespect for the party, his wife and anyone foolish enough to have supported his run for the Presidency with their own hard earned money, Russia invading a neighboring country while the world looked the other way, President Bush acting like a tourist at the opening ceremonies, “ Laura wake me up when the Americans come into the stadium,” , and the one thing that looks like it will never go away- the mortgage crisis!

            In that vain it appears we now have what they are calling, “liar loans!” raising their nasty heads in the mess, we call borrowed money not repaid. Supposedly the borrowers of these funding instruments have no jobs, no assets and no income to pay them back. Approved in a time when everyone was making money on points and more points. In reality these loans were never ment to be paid back and everyone from the start knew that they would fail. But in a time of eat, drink and be merry, don’t worry about tomorrow, there were apparently quite a few of these loans approved by people who in many cases lost not only the loans but their jobs.

            So time away? Not really. But is sure is good to be back!

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