No time to rock the boat

            So who has won the most medals at the Olympics? Other than the wonderful success of Michael Phelps and several other un notable underdogs who were not given a chance to medal; most Americans have pretty much only turned to the Olympics out of frustration because there was nothing else on television. I’ve seen Enchanted three times in the last two weeks, so even I have set thru a race or two.

            It just never set well with me that China displaced over two million people so they could build all of those wonderful stadiums or that the air pollution there is so bad athletes refused to go and participate for fear of damaging their lungs, or even that in a country of three billion people the politburo had to make the final decision on whether or not to allow the lip-synching of the national anthem to take place. But all this pales to the human rights problems in this country when it comes to free speech; which let’s face it, there isn’t any. Take the example of the two elderly women who have been jailed for wanting to protest the event! The key word here is wanting; they never got the chance.

            Seems the two filed for a permit to protest in a designated area. These are not bomb carrying terrorist, but grandmothers. Their sentence for just filing the permit was a year in a re-education prison! Need I remind you one of the women uses a walker to get around!

            If any of you have ever thought of voicing you contempt or disapproval with the American government as of late, you know full well that public displays of protests are treated much differently now than they were pre-911! But in China, despite all the hoop- la, that says look at how far we have come, protesters are still treated with an iron hand. Many supposed protesters, have disappeared since the start of the Olympics and hopefully will return once the light of the event gets extinguished. Hopefully? Yet

             On the eve of the Democratic and Republican convention anyone with the intent to protest events or past disparities should well know that there are designated protest areas being set up. Far enough away from the events not to cause and change in anyone’s plans. Least we turn the clock back to 1968! So far no one has been arrested for asking for a permit to protest; so far!

One thought on “No time to rock the boat

  1. Mamie Jones

    Well Geo; its great to see your back and hopefully well rested after your vacation. Looking forward to more great insights.

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