Time wooing the masses

           Slipping out of Beijing under a hail of fireworks last Friday and seamlessly into the Democratic convention, one gets the idea that the Republicans might have been hoping for some over lap between the two events. Definitely we have people high jumping still. Instead of over bars though maybe the latter finds themselves leaping over piles of bullshit and others running the hundred yard dash in hopes of rescuing or resurrecting their political lives; world records may get set both in both events.

            Conventions are about putting your best foot forward. So far so good. In what should be billed as the biggest, kiss and make up event of the century the Clintons and the Obama’s are set to show the world that finally, like the Turtles hits sixties song went; they are happy together!  Not the easiest thing to do. Nineteen long and hard fought months trying to win the nomination, has left both camps with lots of scars to heal over and in politics, that is not the easiest thing to accomplish.

             From the start the media last night tried to make news out of the idea that her supporters were not ready to join his supporters. Despite their best efforts, no one from either party seemed to give support the idea. No one came out and told the press, ‘Yeah we still hate each other!” It was all smiles and then “hey look, there is Ted Kennedy!”

            Kennedy suffering from brain cancer was just what the doctor ordered to get everyone on the same page. That being, we need to win this election and we can do it with Obama! His exuberance to that fact regardless of health issues was very inspiring. Though I am sure in countless non- liberally minded homes across the nation, few noted his work of the last forty years, deferring instead to snicker at his get out of jail card he played a long time ago.

            Shortly after Kennedy was led of the state, Michelle Obama spoke. Her job was to let the world know she was real people. She spoke of growing up believing in the American dream. At least her parents did. She came across as a loving mother, supportive wife, educated, caring Democrat who supports more than ever the fact that we need to make some changes in the way we have been going in this country. Number one being that we quit making every decision based on our fear of what others may do to us and that we focus our attention on being all we can be, not cowering under the ground with our heads buried in fear. Quite impressive!

            The Republican camp is already running Hillary ads touting what she thought was wrong with her opponent. No way to avoid this. But then again that is the political process we have all grown to know and abhor over the years. For an eye of how much it has changed though, scroll down to the politics area of the blog and click on, “1968 convention!” Not that was a convention a blogger could get his teeth into!! But for now, most are poised rro one of the biggest campaign turnaround speeches ever made! Come on Hillary!

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