Time for a breath of fresh air

            The Democrats came to Denver with high hopes and even greater expectations. It appeared to outsiders and most news commentators that they came embroiled in controversy; but sadly for the wolves at the door it never appeared on the floor of the convention. Despite their hardest efforts to goad interviewees into proclaiming Bill a racist and Hillarie’s traveling pantsuit supporters into walking out in protest.

            So rather than being a unified party from the onset of the convention, they appeared somewhat disorganized and off track as to what they truly wanted to do this week, but after last night that question has finally been put to rest. It didn’t help that anyone watching the event on television, got far less of the event and a lot more of talking heads than humanly possible to stomach.

             No matter where you went to view the convention you found two or three or on CNN,  I even saw a group of at lest seven commentators all lined up to give their input. Not necessarily on what was happening at the convention behind them, but on what they speculated was going on. Given their super backgrounds and years of experience, they certainly would be more interesting than the speakers at the podium! Not so.

            The networks only gave an hour of coverage a night. You had to go to cable if you wanted more commentary. And for the true die-hard who actually wanted to hear the various speakers your only choice was to go on-line for direct feeds. For the mass majority of Americans this meant; go watch a re-run – nothing great is happening here. And it appears according to initial ratings that is exactly what many did.

             Yet the key speakers, The Clintons, the Obama’s and the Bidden’s and the Gore, all delivered speeches very noteworthy of their cause and party. Without a doubt the closing speech by candidate Obama was the most inspiring one of all. Telling the group that he was ready to debate John McCain anywhere and on any topic brought the house down. Putting forth the point that this election is not about him, but about the people was without a doubt a speech healing moment few will forget. One news commentator said that the speech needed to tell America what he, the candidate was all about. Be there no doubt, America now knows. And who ever thought eighty thousand people would fill a stadium to hear a political speech!! Just amazing.


…this Just in McCain has chosen Sarah Palin; Alaska governor as his VP? more to come …



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