NO time for Spamalot

             Can’t you just see and hear it; the coconuts tapping away for fake horse steps as the intrepid group of religious crusaders gallops toward the top of the hill. “Who goes there?” calls out the man guarding the gate. He himself recently downsized and forced to do this job as a day and night watchman earning minimum wage to survive. “Tis us, the Republicans,” calls out the lead man. “What do you want?  “We come for convention.” “What is convention?” “It is how we choose who will be out party’s King.” “I don’t need no King. I need a better job, health insurance and a roof over my head that I can afford. Be off with you” Aha my dear man; that is exactly why you need a King! “Yeah right,” came the sarcastic reply.

             And so began the convention of the week. The two storms that preceded it actually set the tone for the Republicans. That of Gustav making landfall in New Orleans where John McCain at first reported he was going to go to accept the nomination  and to  insure everything was being done to help any victims of the storm. Sounding very presidential; it helps though to be President. Having no power or legal authority he probably could have helped pass out cold drinks along the interstate as everyone got out of town. It was the thought that counts though! The other storm of course surrounded the choice of Sarah Palin as the Vice Presidential candidate. A self described NRA, gold card car member hockey Mom. Who describes herself as a pit bull with lip-stick. How nice. Dick Cheney must certainly be amused. 

             Once the convention got under way, it seems everyone from Cindy on down had someone to blame for the last eight years of governmental abuse and neglect. If you were to get a dime for every time they blamed a liberal or the media for something you would be a very rich person by now. Diatribe after diatribe found fault not with the present administration and party that have been in control for the majority of the time, but with of course those who weren’t. Some speakers went as far as to ask the question, when are you going to throw these guys out! Kind of like tying your own rope for your own hanging!

             John McCain provided a detailed description of his Vietnam War experiences that brought a tear or two to some of the vets. Others were less impressed. Just as John Kerry had his swift boat detractors so does McCain. Information easily accessible to those who wish to read it.

            Yet there were no great proposals given. This old party did exactly what they did in years past. Blamed the problems on everyone else, promised us more security, greater secrecy of government, more war if need be, less accountability from the top on down and the added benefit of electing the oldest man ever to the Presidency with the  least experienced person ever in the wings ready to take over if anything happens. Which would put us right back into Spamalot mode.  Coconut anyone?


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