Time taking issues on and off the table

             By now, you would think that with their campaigns all fairly along, each side would be anxiously licking its chops ready to point out the differences between them and the other. In fact though, it seems they are spending more time taking issues off the table and putting non issues on, than they are preparing to save us from climate, economy and war!     

            Take McCain for instance. He certainly could be raising the question of experience. He’s been around longer than most of the laws on the books. He certainly has been there and done that before when it come to Washington. Well no need to bring that up since his running mate, the new heartbeat away form the Presidency is not only very young, but has practically no experience in foreign matters or government for that matter. But hey, when handed lemons; make lemonade. Touting the fact that Mrs. Palin, lives so close to Russia that indeed she does have foreign expertise is the new cry! It is going to be pretty hard to attack Senator Obama on that issue.

            Add to that the right to choose issue. McCain and his family based backed coalition now are really quiet on that one. The Palin family has made their choice to have the teenage daughter’s baby and the McCain group can respect that. Wait a minute, if elected Mrs. Palin would fight to see that the right to choose is taken away from every woman in the United States. Must be some kind of double standard thing, but by getting both sides to agree to not bring their families into the foray, issue gone!

            The war was to be one of the hottest topics going. Senator Obama and Senator McCain are diametrically opposed to each other on this issue. Lo-and behold who shows up on Fox, the fantasy news network a few days ago and says, the “ surge” worked better than any one every expected. You might tell that one to the bus driver at three am headed for Dover Ohio, but telling it to Bill O’Reilly is in a fact tossing that issue right out the window. The spin off will be I was right on the war and you weren’t. Point/McCain!

            On issues that didn’t need to be there the Obama campaign appears to be scrambling to raise money? What? The McCain’s just got a nice eighty four million dollar check to spend on their campaign last week. Deciding to go it alone and to live off donations, the Obama camp thought they had it made. Raising ten million they say the night of Sarah Palins speech. But word on the streets is the Clinton supporters aren’t anteing up as anticipated! Yikes could this be true? Could they be going broke like she did early on? Certainly something to ponder as your adjustable rate mortgage resets, your grocery bill doubles, and interest rates continue to decline!

            What will the major issues be come debate time? What will we see after the handshakes and promises to work with all sides are made? It’s anyone’s guess, but the way things look now we may be in for a long debate on how the two are more alike than different, and wouldn’t that just be lovely!

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