Time in a third world state of mind

            To be considered a third world country, is to be considered in a rather negative connotation, at least that is the thinking here in the good old USA. There’s is a world of bad communications, poor people with little or no hope of rising above their current poverty, little or no health care services unless provided by volunteers or donations from richer nations, a population literally foraging for survival subsisting on the good will of neighbors or foreign powers more blessed or just attending to their own agendas.  As of late that definition is a lot closer to home than many of us might feel comfortable with.

            It goes without saying none of us are looking out the window for food to be dropped from a chopper, but we have got some problems around here. It also goes without saying that pride goes before a fall. Try finding anyone prouder than an American to be an American! Sure we get upset, but USA # 1! Go Steelers. (fill in your own team respectively ) you get the idea.  But, taking off the rose colored glasses one quickly realizes all is not well.

            America post – 911, is a country of dropping expectations. No longer is the goal to get your children into college. Many families would just be happy with a high school graduate! Those that do make it that far find themselves facing costs they never dreamed they would see in tuition and books. Once held as a country where the poorest had a chance to become the richest our crumbling education systems is more concerned with finding fault. Teachers or the curriculum? Money or the program? No child left behind has been a bureaucratic disaster. A poorly educated generation will have an effect on this country for years to come!  And that is not even the tip of the iceberg!

            Our infrastructure is crumbling before our very eyes. Public water systems have been on the block for years. Few realize that their water company, once theirs is now owned by a German or French conglomeration! If we can sell our water, face it; we will sell anything. We have spent billions of dollars on war and protecting ourselves from the a hidden enemy, and we have kind of let things go around the house; and its beginning to show. Our bridges in many areas are unsafe. Our once brilliant interstates system is being parceled off to foreign countries around the world. The PA turnpike is in negotiations with countries such a s Spain. Illinois has already sold theirs! Making money on our assets seems to be perfectly alright. Hoping full well that the buyer keeps them in good repair!

            Add to all of this the current financial crisis we are in and it’s a wonder you can even get an auctioneers attention theses days. The once powerful Shearson Lehman Brothers are waiting for a White Knight to show up from Korea to save them. GM, Ford and Chrysler are all on the brink of financial distress all eyeing outside sources of funding. Soon buying that Hyundai will in effect be putting your money back in America.

            It all comes down to America, becoming slowly more and more; a third world country. Check out Friedman column in the times for more eye opening thoughts on how as of late falling apart America is in need of some repair. One day the made in America logo may have the same effect made in China or Korea use to have on us. But then who will be complaining, work is work!


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