Time Transparent & Fundamental

             The two most important words one finds getting mentioned over and over again during the current election season are; transparency & fundamental!  Last night when Joe Bidden made the remark that John McCain had said the economy was, ‘fundamentally sound,”  a few weeks ago, Palin remarked that Bidden and the rest of the world didn’t really understand what fundamental meant! Accordingly, McCain attributes fundamental to the will of the American worker to get the job done while the rest of us attribute it to being of sound and good quality! The same goes for transparency. Wall Street needs to be more transparent is the cry we hear from every politician, yet trying to achieve it is, well anyone’s guess, because no one knows what it means at all.  

             Both words have the potential to be remembered in the same vue as Bill Clintons, “what do you mean by is?  America finds itself re-questioning definitions all over again. Twisting meanings is more acceptable at times than telling the truth, Spinning is not a class at the YMCA, but what we expect either side to do in any situation they find themselves in. Collateral damage is still the killing of people. I can hardly wait for my calendar of John McCain and Sarah Palin miss-speaks to come out.! With only 116 days left in the Bush Administration sayings such as “more and more of our imports come from overseas!” will be missed, but who knows what these two will come up with.

             Last nights debate was a classic example of political posturing. Bidden spoke of the future and the past while Palin assured us the new mavericks were in control and that her and McCain were going to change the way things have been going. She spouted little on specifics and high on a lot of, “Oh, gee whiz, golly are we going to be different.” Bidden pointed out the failed policies of the past while trying to associate himself and Obama with as little of it as possible. Truth be known, both sides have taken an active part in a lot of failed policies. In a world of spin and sound bites, both Obama and McCain have been mavericks, but there is little that John McCain can call successful about where this administration has placed him.

             With the lowest popularity polls of any president and vice president ever and attached at the hip to the current financial crisis, all McCain and Palin have is the promise that things will be different and better if given the chance. To bad they are such poor students of history for even Joe six pack knows, that those that don’t know their history or appreciate it are bound to repeat it and that is a fact that is as  fundamental and as transparent as you can get!


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