Time with any old Joe

             Well you don’t have to call me Joe and you John McCain don’t even have to get my last name right.  You don’t have to call me rich either or broke or trying to make a buck trying to buy the family business. Just call me a guy trying to make ends meet, trying to just get by! No you don’t have to call me Joe and please don’t tell me that we need to spread the wealth around either. And by the way, I haven’t talked to Joe Six pack in twenty years, if you’re looking for him, there is a trailer park ten miles down the road; turn left at the Palin sign.

            Amazing how folksy these candidates can get when they try to include everyday people into their campaign rhetoric. People trying to make a living added to campaign speak to spice things up and make us all feel that the only reason any of them are in politics is for us. Reporters and viewers alike felt their ears perk up, when John McCain mentioned the plumber from Ohio Wednesday  night. Never mind he pronounced the plumbers name wrong. He’s lucky to have gotten the guy’s profession right when discussing the housing crisis he should know more, since he owns six of them!

             At least Sarah knows enough to speak in generalities. She can see Russia from her state; Dah!  Joe Six pack could be anyone. But for a plumber in Ohio, the spotlight suddenly got a whole lot brighter. Worried that he would have to pay more taxes on purchasing the family business he asked candidate Obama, what effect his plans would have on that purchase. Nearby Republicans heard little of the answer but caught the key phrase, “spread the wealth around!” Then the political minions of total spin went to work.

            Mr. Obama will take all your profit away and charge you a fine if you don’t provide health insurance for your employees quibbled Mr. McCain. Amazing how they can spin just one word into an event and bottomless headline. McCain, who more than likely will follow in his predecessor’s footsteps and serve big business at the expense of little business should remember that previous administrations have been no friend of small business. Small business is the first to feel the effects of increased regulation, increased taxes and economic boom and busts. In a world where writing things off is considered the norm, the small businessman has neither the option nor the inclination to do so. We make do with what we have. And that is information you can take to the bank!

             As for Joe the plumber; don’t expect to see him soon at a campaign rally near you. Sadly for McCain, it appears Joe supports the Obama tax plan and owes eleven hundred dollars in back taxes which I am sure someone would gladly help him pay off if he was only registered to vote! Maybe he and Joe Six pack can pass out literature at their local poling places instead! At this point the McCain campaign appears to need all the help it can get!



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