Time showing our true colors

             Suddenly we are not a collection of red and blue Americans anymore. But don’t start cheering and yelling that the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is upon us and that we have finally seen the light or that because we have elected Senator Obama, we have again taken one small step for man and one hell of a leap for mankind!

             No, America is no longer divided red and blue but if you take a closer look after you scratch the surface, America is still the color it has been all along; green. And I don’t mean the green SUV Hybrid driving save the whale and the seal and the wetlands down the street green, but the in God We Trust Green; the greenback kind. It appears many elected our forty fourth Presidents despite the fact they said they could not support him because of his color for the color that matters the most to us is the green in our wallets, and as of late, that green has been getting pretty pale!

            Granted we are all different, despite the hardest attempts of the media to catalogue group and package us as one way or the other. When you look at the numbers, every nationality and religious group came out for Obama. And that goes for the rich as well, who were out rightly promised a tax increase if he was elected. The effects of an economic debacle however were far greater than a short tem tax increase or wedge issue for everyone

            And yes, for some this election was a gender issue and for many others a race issue but for the vast majority it was a pocketbook issue. The hope that president elect Obama can save the 401 K’s, our savings accounts (yes some actually do have them) and our banking system is pretty high. He has the credentials, new ideas and what appears to be an honest devotion to getting America back on track. 

            So united to preserve our green, the majority of us put the Democrats back into power. A group not necessarily known for their thriftiness; this group has some hard decisions to make. Already they are touting the importance of a bailout for GM and the other not so big three anymore. They need to be reminded that we are not going to be able to spend our way out of this crisis, which has been the tradition of government in the past and that will be no small change for them to go to terms with.

             If you add up all of the bailout money created so far, and quite frankly a large portion of it has just been created, neither borrowed nor indebted to anyone else, we find ourselves suddenly a trillion dollars in new debt. We can only hope that by showing our true colors our choice may turn out to be the best thing we ever did!


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