Time with a one party system

            Politically it’s been a long eight years. Just about everyone is counting down the days of an Administration that either disgusts or scares the be-Jesus out of you or makes you feel politically betrayed to your very roots. While our initial elation over the outcome of the elections is still high, the reality is that things are not going to get any better soon seems always just around the corner. In fact from all indicators, the worst is yet to come as noted by a market that dives more than Mike Nelson ever did! Thank goodness all of those fresh new faces we elected are headed to Washington to make some much needed changes. Well maybe?

            In this lame duck season when the new party is all about sorting out their new territory and spaces, it is not usual to see some heads fly. To see those not true to their roots getting the ol’ heave ho! And for those leaving to remind their colleagues that it’s a swinging door out there. A Senator/Congressmen today; an industry adviser, lobbyist, and corporate representative tomorrow. In other words, treat us right and we will do the same for you when you get voted out!

            Nothing showed that more than the saving of Joe Lieberman’s political hide by the Democrats. There will be no pound of flesh for those seeking to see old Joe go. Sure his compadres stripped him of some minor power rides but all in all left him fully intact of the major ones. Despite the fact he literally called the future President a Marxist, Ol Joe is still very much alive. And as for that new warm fuzzy feeling to melt the gridlock the media is always talking about, in retrospect if we look at what has going on the last eight years, it seems bipartisanship was more of a wedge issue, like abortion or immigration than it ever was a reality in Washington.

            For all those who think the Dems are going to suddenly grow a set, let’s remember how much instep they have been with current President over the last eight years! They barley raised their voices as the President issued more signing statements than any other President in history. According to a great article in Salon magazine, bipartisanship has been alive and well these last years to the point of ridiculousness. Crossing party lines to adopt the President most insane plans and endeavors, the Dems can never be accused of gridlock. They supported the Patriot act, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the use of torture, Guantonomo, your loss of Habeas Corpus as well as deregulation of just about every industry in America they rolled over more times than a competing dog in a dog show!

            Look back to the in investigations for oil price fixing, on tobacco, education, and the trillion dollar bailouts and see the Dems just nodding away, in agreement. About the only thing we can give them credit for was for blocking the privatization of Social Security. What a winner that would have been.

             So as you sit there think that Joe Lieberman got off out of the kindness of a new found bipartisan think again. The ol’ boys club is alive and well, and as long as the door between industry and the regulators is wide open, all we really can hope for in change is a new face every now and then; cause in fact it truly is a one party system!

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