Time finding community

          As I stated before it is not your father’s world anymore. Not referring to gadgets and increased communication, but to the social structure we live in. Your social community now is spread around the world; no longer in walking distance and you never really ever sit down and have face to face conversations with them unless you have too. But hey; we got to talk to someone. The jury is still out as to if this distance thing is good for us, but initial indications are that we need more face to face time! We are coming to find out that this new flexibility and freedom of community is a dual edge sword we where loose both ways..

            On one hand our mobility and worldwide web communities have given us the freedom we always felt we should have as adults. Our desire to, be our own boss and to be able to say, “No one can tell me what to do! However in the process, we have lost that personal touch of face to face people around us. We longer feel like we belong anywhere? We have what was historically the support system that told us who we are.

            Knowing what is the right thing to do is never the easiest thing to know anyway, help or no help. And given the volatility of our social communications things aren’t going to get much better either, because you social inheritance is not a stagnant thing. No wonder we suddenly feel as if we are standing on shifting sands; there being no right or wrong answer to the questions we are trying to find the answers too. What was wrong yesterday now appears to be right today; Oh Shut-up. (By the way shut-up today, means a completely different thing than it did not that long ago!)

              Drew Hastings the comedian does a routine where he states that eventually they will have Paxil salt licks in all the stores and malls. That way when we become depressed we can go get a quick lick and be back on our feet in no time. It appears most of us are awake most of the night as well, and are on sleep inducers just to get through the night. And that includes those who wake up too early or in the middle of the night to bathroom! Oh yeah, a better life thru the use of pharmaceuticals

             You may also be surprised to know that your social inheritance goes back to even before we were born?  Scientist have discovered that we have what are called mirror neurons in our brains that pick up on things we do and that we pass these associations on to our off spring. Your parent’s social needs and desires are a part of you. As brain science finds out more and more, we will undoubtedly come to a better understanding of  not only what we inherit physically but socially as well but that is not going to help us now! As for genial things we inherit from our culture, perhaps baby boomers have the biggest vault to draw from. As boomers we mostly all grew up with a lot of people our own age around us; and it has in a way come back to haunt us.

             Try watching the evening news and not getting a lesson in middle age medical calamities. The men can’t get it up or have a growing problem and the women go too much and are crumbling on the inside because their bones can’t hold their bodies up anymore. It’s a wonder we aren’t all planning to meet at cliffs edge and jump! The tuned in and turned on generation has finally gotten the world they wanted; right over the counter and the good news is that we are not alone!




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