Time to dust off the Constitution

            Okay, I get it that in the court of public opinion; he’s guilty. Apparently for some, being tried in the press is the same thing as in a court of law. For your sake and mine I hope not despite the fact that a grand jury has been presented with enough evidence to convict and confine this man to jail for years upon years. The only thing standing in the way of his incarceration is of course, the small formality inscribed in that thing we call in our Constitution, a jury of his peers!

             I really don’t know fact one of the cases against the Governor but I do know for sure that a lot rides on what happens here. Must be why they arrested the Governor at six am in the morning in front of full media, only to let him loose after his arraignment to go to work. It’s not that he was going anywhere.

            Call it breaking news or the start of a horse race. For at the ringing of the bell that morning the media was off and running to discover more information on the relationship between the President elect and the Governor. From what we have been leaked so far, it appears that there are several actual audio tapes where they say the new administration doesn’t want to play ball? Hmm, what the hell does that mean? Were they picking up a soft ball team? Or was it that they wanted nothing to do with awarding the man who would be the deciding factor of who gets the President elect’s former job a biscuit for his efforts. I can just hear the governor now, “hey throw me a bone here!”

            Add to the investigating groups an anything but impartial media such as speculating conservative eyebrow rising AM radio Dj’s, the fantasy news networks constant presentation of half truths and mis-speaks and Comedy centrals satirical spinning of the ineptness of the investigators and the players and you get the feeling this investigation may go on for quite a while. Some of these news sources are where a lot of Americans learned the President elect is going to do away with their guns, a Muslim, ready to change the flag, and at last word was actually preparing to negotiate with terrorist once he closes Guantonomo and turns those terrorist loose! Makes a jury look like a dream come true!

             Having gone thru years of Whitewaters and Travel-scams, independent investigators and millions of good old American Tax dollars to get to the truth, one can only wonder what lies in store for the American people regarding this investigation. Like kids outside a candy store we stand pressed up against the glass getting promised a lot, but seem to end up not getting anything! Such was the case of the former Governor of New York who, will get no time in jail or fines thanks to the fact that no crime was committed. Accordingly after all those hours spent writing things in the media and their efforts to inform us of the co-mingling of funds and charges of racketeering; there just was never a real case. No day in court needed; you kids get out of here!

               Easy to see why those of us preparing for a fresh start need to understand why there is no such thing as a fresh start. As for change, now that is a different story, as long as this guy gets his day in court! For sure the Constitution has been under attack these last eight years, but it is still there!  It’s never been guilty in the media until proven innocent but innocent until pro


2 thoughts on “Time to dust off the Constitution

  1. Rudy

    George, I agree that he hasn’t been proven guilty but his ability to “give away” a Senate seat puts a whole new spin on things. Just what I want to see, a Senate seat given away to the highest bidder. Heck, maybe we should wait until the U.S. Supreme Court rules on Obama’s citizenship (one case pending re the fact that there is no birth certificate in Hawaii). Maybe there is no seat to give away; just an adjustment on who is going to be sworn in on January 20th!

    ….Rudy you are listening to too much AM radio! I forgot the not a citizen issue ! Geo

  2. Mamie Jones

    Okay , so let me get this straight nobody thinks that the US democrats would have made dang sure that the guy they nominated for the Presidency, the guy that won the Presidency, by every means possible was a US citizen. Hmmm, Very interesting. I guess that would link him right up ther with a stupid Illinois Governor who has been under investigation for the last year. Got caught on tape opening his big mouth trying to aactually sell a senate seat. And trying to imply that the OBama adminsistration was somehow involved. I believe in due process but resign and save face he’s guilty and broke the law.

    …………………as long as he gets his day in court! geo

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