Time to make a list

            It’s almost the end of the year and you know what that means; list time. Children are making their list for Santa and while we adults generally pass on this custom for ourselves, it is something we should be doing as well. No, not lettering to Santa, but to ourselves. List making goes hand in hand with the inundation of advertising we are about to be deluged with. Such as advertising that reminds us we need to loose weight; get some help to quit smoking; need to join a gym; or go out and purchase the latest multi page organizer so that we can start the new year  fresh and make our such complicated lives that much simpler. The idea behind it all is that a simpler healthier life leads to a less stressful life which leads to a longer life! Who can argue with a billion dollar industry aimed at solely having us improve ourselves!    

            Face it, time is only relevant to us when we have reference points and as we all know we have been dog paddling on all these issue. Pass the gravy boats please and I’ll just have one more piece of pie, thank you. So using the end of the year as a starting and stopping point for just about any new idea or change of lifestyle makes sense!

            What you shouldn’t be surprised about is that it is almost ground into our DNA, that we do so. Like waving a flag at the start of the race, the passing of the shortest day of the year causes an almost genetic alarm in us than signals it is time for a wake up call for your life. The earliest civilizations noted the shortest day of the year on their calendars with the creation of structures around the world such as Stonehenge to tell our ancestors to make some sacrifices and get their lives together. Granted a human sacrifice is a bit more personal than no pie till Easter, but it set the tone.

             I kind of doubt the Celts used the day to begin working on a diet, but hey; it meant something to them and it does to us. It is an ideal time to assess and to take a good hard look at things that make you happy and re-think some of the things you might be doing that don’t. Is this the year you chuck common sense to the wind and begin training for the Iron Man or when you at long last learn to speak French!

            It was about this time last year that I found an article about lists that is still relevant to us today. It focuses on things that people suddenly write up that they want to do or accomplish before they die or get to old to do them. Movies such as the Bucket List entertain us for a while, but in reality creating a list gives us a to-do list that just maybe we might be able to accomplish. Don’t be so hard on yourself that the list takes hitting the lottery to do.  Heading off to see the snow or lack their of, on Kilimanjaro, may take some planning, but if you have always wanted to do it, why not now? 

             If you are up to it; how about sharing your list in the comments section. Your ideas might just spark someone to say, “Hey I always wanted to do that too!”   So what are you waiting for……?


2 thoughts on “Time to make a list

  1. 2012on1221

    xmas list 2008
    start my blog
    get to the beach
    look at the ocean
    smell the salt
    share with a new friend
    merry christmas

    …….now that is a list I could get into real quick! Thanks for response..

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