Time in the rear view mirror

             It’s the end of the year. We’ve almost made it. A few more days and we can bid adieu to 2008 and say hello to 2009. As usual the New Year ahead of us is filled with promise and looking back at the past we can admire our accomplishments, mourn our losses and gain from our experiences. Some never learn though; case in point, the Republican Party. The grand old party as they use to call it, that bastion of the conservancy who believes less government means more freedom and that freedom gives births to a business climate that thrives on deregulation and letting businesses set their own agenda sans regulation. Got to ask, how’s that working for Ya!

            Imagine if you will two similar cars going in the same direction. Only difference is, one is pointing in one direction and the other the opposite way. The driver of car “A” has a full view of where he is going. The driver of car “B,” on the other hand has a very limited view of where he is going; his rear view mirror is his future! His major view is that of the world gone by. He sees everything in the solidity of the past and no matter how hard he tries he seems to stay focused on the past. No wonder the grand old party has lost its way.

            Those that see the future in their rear view mirrors are fearful of the future. They like things to stay the way they were. Their ideas of what lies ahead are very limited given their limited scope of what lies ahead in their tiny little mirrors. Especially when things start happening really fast, they are prone to get scared. And when they do they resort to name calling and blaming everyone else for their problems, rather than simply turn around. It’s scary. Clinging to old ways and habits is much easier than trying out new ones.

            Thus the disparity the Party seems to be finding with the American people who seem to have lost faith with the more of the same platform. Better to ridicule and raise doubt about new things than to accept the inevitably of change. Global warming? Says who? Financial crisis? What Financial Crisis? The economy is sound?

            A fine case in point of how far out of line the party has become is the recent mailing of a CD to various party members by one of their potential  leaders to be. The CD of various songs includes one labeled, “Barrack the Magic Negro!” Not funny.  Initially labeled as satire, not even the party faithful could hold that line for very long. In a party where PC is often ridiculed as liberal bias, it serves no ones purpose to promote this apparent back door slam at our President.  

            The old boy networks that chuckled when DJ Imus and his buddies label hard working female basketball players as “Hoes” is a part of our past none of us ever should be proud of. His action was a slam at all of us. It unfortunately was not a slam dunk on the DJ’s career but a reflection on a world that sees the future in their rearview mirror. Change has been a long time coming, and we can all hope a long time before its gone, but when your life and world and time are all perceived in  rearview mirrors lamenting over the past becomes your future, and that is no future at all!!!  


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