Time to be resolute; just for you

            Well your chances of keeping that New Years Eve resolution are great if you can make it to Valentines Day. Sigh! Some of us barely made it through yesterday and if you have to go to work today, that resolution could be as old as Christmas Turkey by lunch. While we may have the best intentions to change, the world and the triggers that set off our addictions, have no intention of letting up.

             We smoke because we are addicted. We eat because we are addicted and because it is easier than facing the truth; life’s no bed of roses. We do these thing for better or worse for a whole set of psychological fixes as individual to us as the addictions themselves; a bit easier to understand why one cure never fits all. That finger poking at you to get the job done can not be dealt with by putting all your fingers together in a pile and quickly elevating your hand under your boss’s chin. Aunt Marie reminding you that your ass is as big as a tool box isn’t going to be any less painful, if you eat just another piece of Coconut Cake but it helps!

            Besides; we do a lot of their things because we like them. Now sure, you might be saying, “but I know this is not good for me.” Dah! Why do you think they call it an addiction?  How strong can it be? Other than it can kill you, not that strong at all you have always had free will! This weekend catch a cable station featuring four hundred pound people determined to loose weight and you can pretty much understand it’s not that easy. I mean after all if you are literally no longer mobile and are now unable to care for yourself and can’t loose the weight, what chance do you Mr. or Mrs. ten fifteen or twenty pounds over have? None if you don’t do it for the right reason. And that is not to look good at the wedding in six months. It’s to do it for your self.

            Thinner people feel better they say? Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But one thing is for sure, fewer thinner people come down with onset diabetes in their middle age. If you are carrying around ten or twenty pounds of extra weight your chances for diabetes are triple they say. As for Smoking, it is pretty apparent that unless you feel like you are a great lottery winner, in the long run it’s going to catch up with you. Maybe not lung cancer but you can count on increased chances for developing COPD or emphysema. At best, your ability to get around will be limited. Just when you retire and have some of that time you always wanted to do what you wanted to do with; you won’t be able to.

            Sure dieting and smoking are the key resolutions for us Americans but right at number three is getting organized. You might have some fun with this one. Although hanging onto our stuff is a lot easier than getting rid of it. Yet in all three cases, better organizing, breathing and feeling are where your body would like to be. So what are you waiting for?

            The key to success is doing it for yourself, be it getting to the Himalayas to climb  or be it not crossing the street to cut back on your Starbucks. And what if you fail? Here’s a hint. It’s not the end of the world. Start again. Everyday is a new day. You have the final call; is it going to be wake up call or last call you decide. Oh and if you are wondering what my resolution was. It was to get my passport. Now where did I put those papers……….


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