Time on the dark and bright side


            In all things good and bad there are generally two sides; a dark side; and a bright side. So as we find ourselves with less than 200 hundred hours to go with a President that has had both dark and bright sides, we find him willingly working his way though so many interviews and press conferences one would think he had finally broken loose from his handlers who have had him locked up somewhere. Especially given the confrontational nature of most of his news conferences, where he routinely ducked and avoided questions regarding the war, the economy and a dozen other issues from signing statements to Alberto Gonzales, his last news conference was anything but confrontational.

             If you were able to see it, you might think of commenting in John Madden form. “Now here’s a guy that just doesn’t get it!” Presenting himself in a reflective and casual mood the President soon to be un-elected reviewed his disappointment and high points as the Commander once Chief and appeared as some later commented to show that side of him we seldom see. He told us as of late he had been reading Lincoln. Mr. Bush noted that like himself one day Mr. Obama, would one day come to the realization that he is the President. We can all only guess that 9/11 was that day for George. But more than likely it was that one day on the ranch when he discovered he would have to cut his vacation short to address the Katrina problem! “Aw, Gee, not now!”  

            His major disappointments, were of course not finding weapons of mass destruction and Abu Grab. Not sure you can call things of that nature a disappointment. John Stewart so rightly noted, not getting pepperoni on your pizza is a disappointment. Sending your country into a war that cost billions, killed thousands, and set up the country for the largest financial crisis it has ever faced, is hardly disappointment!; it is to border on criminal.

            Apparently leaning on the podium this President soon un-elected feels history will judge him better than the majority of the American People. Regardless of his low favorability rating he thinks history will in time find that we, not him were the ones that did the right thing. We protested the war. He started it! We said don’t attack a sovereign nation that has not attacked us, He said, you can’t stop me. In that point he was right. We couldn’t stop him. He says we brought Democracy to them? Yet without a plan to stay around and make it grow, it is doubtful it will last. He didn’t say that; I did.

              It will be up to historians to lay blame on this President and all of his men. For he doesn’t see any at all, in his actions, regardless of whether its Katrina, civil rights, torture, signing statements, or the war in Iraq. He just doesn’t get it. And ironically there in lies the beauty of our system of government. Mr. soon to be un-elected is going to just walk away. Enjoy his retirement and get on with his speaking engagements. Don’t look for him to be on a beach with a Hawaiian shirt with cool drink in his hand. He quit drinking as he noted in the conference.

              When Mr. Bush finally does board helicopter one it’s doubtful he will turn and give America a good wave goodbye, as President Nixon did when he left the office in disgrace so many years ago. Nixon got it, he screwed up the job. Mr. Bush on the other hand, doesn’t get it regardless of how bad he screwed up. To him it will always be, I did my best and lucky for us he did what he did. On the dark side for him as ex-president he will be surrounded by people, who will always agree with him, and on the bright side for us of course; will be the fact that he is gone!  


2 thoughts on “Time on the dark and bright side

  1. Hmmm, so let me take a wild guess… you didn’t vote for Bush in the last election? 😉 🙂

    …………….You got me Amanda, does it realy show that much!!! Geo

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