Time for someone new

            Everyone likes something new! We Americans are famous for driving our new cars around showing off to our friends, only to point out, “Gee golly, can you smell the newness!” We get excited about stuff like that; it’s a cultural thing I’m sure. So it should not come as a surprise to anyone that most of us are very excited about our new President. His newness  brings a breath of fresh air to America that is long overdo.

            The world and hundreds of thousands of Americans will have their eyes affixed to TV’s and the electronic media next week as we swear in our 44th President. We will do it without revolution or a coup or any of the things we see in so many other places of the world and for just a moment, take pride in the way we do things; despite our differences on all so many issues. The age of Obama will begin with what most of us expect will be  a great inauguration speech praising his predecessor before he then calls the American people to action and acknowledges that we have a lot work to do!

            Discussions about the new president run the gamut. From can’t believe he got elected to this is fantastic! And not since Regan have we heard the press bantering around the term, “Teflon president.”  Like Regan, Obama has been elected because the country feels it is time for a change. Regan took the need for change and turned it into a mandate that set the country on a conservative track for thirty years. The idea of less government, less taxes, more personal freedom for people and business all started then. Yet this time the pendulum has swung in the other direction alerting us to the fact that while we may rile against regulations and government control we are finding government may be the only glue holding us all together.

            Through the campaign as our economic situation grew dimmer and dimmer and the wars we are waging harder and harder to accomplish, many of us asked, who would want this job? Given the mess we find ourselves in on so many fronts, many still are asking that. If popularity were the only thing needed to be successful President Obama would have it made. It’s a shame the guy isn’t getting a cut off the sales of his image. From coins to ash trays to commemorative fly swatters everything has an Obama on it. He could be a very rich man. But that is not what has all of America excited. It is the fact that he is young, willing to talk, appears to understand that he doesn’t have all of the answers and is willing to listen and most of all that he cares about America.

            Sure there are some, who would say that the other guy did too, but when you push an agenda of fear, isolation and big stick diplomacy, sooner rather than later it rubs off and you get tarred with the same brush. Plus history has dealt Mr. Bush way to many opportunities that in the eyes of America he has swung and missed on!

            But it appears that regardless of what lies ahead, we have a man willing to take it on. Many question his experience, and no one is more aware of that than he is. This is one job you can’t do alone and he knows it. His choices so far in putting a cabinet and transition team together have been very encouraging. President Obama it appears is surrounding himself not only with people who have made the tough decisions before but ones that are sure to present him with a side of tomorrows problems he may not come to naturally. Let’s all hope that his newness doesn’t wear off for quite a long time and understand that no matter how it goes, four years from now we get to do it all over again!!  


2 thoughts on “Time for someone new

  1. Well, it seems we can’t forget how special ‘today’ is! Every channel on TV, every minute of the day (except for the occassional tennis match), has been showing this inauguration of yours, lol…

    They say behind every great man, is an even greater woman. It seems to be the case with Obama. I like the look of his wife… solid, dependable, and such a wonderful match for her husband. She looks to be his strength. Well, that’s how it seems to me…

    Heard on the news that the stock market (or whatever it is), was at it’s lowest ever recorded for an inauguration day! I hope that is not an omen or anything??!

    Just teasing of course. I don’t believe in omens 😉

    Let’s hope Obama lives up to his country’s high expectations. Let’s hope they won’t be disappointed in the long run.

    Australia is depending on it to, I believe. We do follow in your footsteps for many, many things… except time… in which we are ahead 😉

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