Time changing course

           Most of us get hired for jobs and have to spend some time learning what not to mess with and what we are allowed to do; learning the ropes so to speak. Not our new President. His first priority apparently is to start fixing what the last guy did and to make matters that much more interesting the people that hired him for the job are pretty enthusiastic about it!. One might get carried away with the headiness of the situation. Given our new Presidents cool head, it seems that won’t be a problem. So far it looks as if  lobbying is in for a wakeup call, as is  Guantonomo, as well as many of the polices of the previous administration didn’t have enough time to get done or make into law by a signing statement. Can I get a collective sigh of relief! Say Amen!

             Tackling one of his biggest issues first, the new President is setting force the orders to close Guantonomo; it will not be easy. What do we do with the detainees? Up to this point we have been lead to believe all imprisoned there; belong there. Congressman Murtha wants them all sent to prisons in Pennsylvania! That should make for some interesting prison yard chat. “What you in for? “ I dun no, I think forever!”

            Yet few are naive enough to believe that anyone tried by a Military Tribunal is going to be found innocent. The fact that the USA has used secret prisons to hide and interrogate people that were considered dangerous to our country is going to be a sore sport for a long time with many of us. I doubt we will ever learn what went on in the previous administrations efforts to gain knowledge of terrorism in the world. The Bush administration had plenty of American history to call on to establish the prison. The camps set up for Japanese Americans arouse literally overnight and lasted clear to the end of the war. It’s happened before. But in this case, given the secrecy of Guantonomo, the fact that we set it up in Cuba not Salt Lake, and that we don’t actually know who is there, it is doubtful a full accounting of what has happened there is due anytime soon..

            The previous administration pretty much threw our constitution out the window when it came to detaining people they considered dangerous. Torturing was okay as long as it yielded information. Problem with torture is what kind of information does it yield? Given the failure of our intelligence system to clarify and locate those Weapons of Mass Destruction, or who to actually come up with who our enemies are and what they are up to, one can only look at this use of force as an end run to try to find something out that may or may not exist. Yet the American people have been led to believe that it was okay to do. The fact that we apparently prisoner to other countries to be tortured to escape our own laws, should never have been condoned by any administration.

            On a brighter side it appears that the swinging door between administration and business is getting shut. Those in the Obama administration are not going to be heading out to Wall Street or insurance companies or pharmaceutical companies when their short government stint is over; if it were only true. I guess I will believe it when I see it, but it sure would be nice to know that those working for us now weren’t just about padding their résumé’s for their next job!    



2 thoughts on “Time changing course

  1. Hi Grantman,
    Thanks for your comment. You asked the question of what people here in Malawi think of Obama as the new US president? Well, from the people that I have heard talking about it, the news is good. Last week, whilst I was on the bus here in Malawi, there was a man outside the bus waxing lyrical about Obama, showing me the paper in his hand (which had a photo of Obama) and saying that ‘black is beautiful’. So I think he was happy 🙂 I think many people welcome the change in the US, it was well overdue and it makes one feel that perhaps there is some hope for a different type of world. Let’s hope!
    Interesting blog by the way. Ciao

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