Time to batten down the hatches!

            As the first week quickly fades off into the sunset, the shape of the Obama Administration slowly starts to come into better focus. What were promises for change are finally starting to take some reality. Like a ship appearing out of the mist we are finally getting to see, what change really means; and it seems to be s a little bit of more of the same, a lot more of it’s about time a sprinkling of not soon enough!

            Gitmo is going, but we are all still a bit shaky on what the meeting with the generals has yielded on the fate of the Iraq pullout or if it has actually happened? The trend toward transparency from the top down is refreshing and there is a new attitude of openness hanging around DC that, people want to work together; that may be good and bad! No one is throwing shoes at anybody just yet! It was nice to see that` Joe Bidden actually is presenting the press with his schedule for the week and that he plans to continue to do so. That is big change. It appears the Chaney Bunker is now a broom closet. Oh yeah and there is no truth to the rumor that the former VP hurt his back moving all of his top secret documents out of his personal safe in his office!

            Yet there are plenty of storm clouds on the horizon. It is now time to hand out the final 350 billion dollars that went with the money that Ol’ George said we had to have to save the financial system. Like many things George was confused on how it was to be used. Soon to be employed by Wall Street again, Treasury Secretary Paulson handed out the funds only to have the Banks not use the money as any of us were told they were going to do. Can we get it back? No. Should this have an effect on how the second 350 billion gets handed out? I should certainly hope so. It is almost reminiscent of a Dudley Do-Right script!

            The American Public has been tied to the railroad tracks. The train is quickly approaching. And then along comes George, soon to be ex-president George. He unties our rope as we sign over the deed to our children’s futures, any hope of getting a Social Security check for the Boomers, and the ability to borrow at less that 6% ! Then at the last minute after paying the 350 billion ransoms, we find out the train was on the other track. Just as we breathe a sign of relief, President Obama ties us back up again and tells here we go again!

             It is common knowledge the banks didn’t use the money we gave them to bail anyone getting evicted out of their home out. They used the money to pay bonuses, salaries, increase the own balance sheets and to acquire weaker banks loaded with debt, that they now expect us to make healthy! What a racket.  

            Add to this the new and improved economic stimulus package cooking on the books that just keeps adding up and you really begin to miss the euphoria of last week. There is an old saying that boys will be boys; well you can add to that this one. Democrats will be Democrats. The new stimulus package looks to be loaded with more pork that a Jimmy Dean Sausage truck. As for those Republicans that have gotten pretty fat with dealing our their own pork the last eight years they have suddenly seen the light. Crying fiscal responsibility is needed now more than ever. Senator Boehner actually said on Meet the Press yesterday that the Republican Party has some good polices for America if the American people would only listen! Almost choked on my morning eggs on that one!  

            It appears that the little business guy is going to get no breaks, or hand outs. A tax cut every now and then appears in our futures, but as for any other relief its batten down the hatches. It’s going to be a rough ride around here for us all! Dramamine anyone!!!!


One thought on “Time to batten down the hatches!

  1. Rudy

    The “choice of Hollywood” and the celebrities is now in power. The “successful” McGovern of the 21st century has his shot at reform. Four years from now we’ll know if Hollywood, celebrities and the “American dreamers” knew what they were doing. One can only hope so and only time will tell.

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