Time nurturing a double standard

              Okay it’s called the vetting process. It should aptly be named the betting process; you’re betting the nominee they will be truthful about themselves and their past and all they know and they are betting if they aren’t; you won’t find out!  That goes for money made, money lost, job history clear back to their first grass cutting employment as well as medical history and any thing that could possibly make the new President look bad or effect the way you are going to do the job. People who have demonstrated in the past poor judgment or in ability to complete successfully the tasks they might now be asked to do, might raise a fed flag with those looking to hire them. It appears you would be wrong!

            On the surface the appointment of Timothy Geitner as Treasury Secretary looked great. Everyone likes the guy. Despite the fact he is pretty young and at times appears clueless as to what is going on, this fellow knows money and he is the best guy for the job. In fact he does his own taxes! That in itself gets him my vote. If we determine who is literate and illiterate by who can do their taxes as I saw in a study once this young man is a good choice. Surprisingly if doing them and doing them right are two different boxes to check on the job application! He gets only one check.

             It appears the man we are going to trust with the management of our money failed to get his own taxes right. In what has to be the best product endorsement gone bad in a long time, Mr.Geitner using Turbo Tax made some errors. No word on whether he is blaming the software or his own numbers, but in effect he failed to pay his taxes and let it slide ( paying them that is) until it was discovered just recently after he was chose as the Treasury Secretary nominee; oops. But face it folks he gets confirmed anyway, because like I said he is the right man for the job, and besides there is after all a double standard working here.

            The other nominee still out in the cold is the Obama nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary; Tom Daschle.  Now here’s a guy who really should hire an accountant. He appears to have failed to pay in excess of a hundred thousand dollars in taxes. At what point do you cross the line between, “oops sorry,” about that, slap me on the wrist to, “Oh shit,” what else is this guy hiding we need to take a closer look?  Despite this little problem, most are saying he will get the nod and the job. And once again we run headlong into that thing we call the double standard.

             If your business goes broke because you spent a fortune on some bad investments; no reality check needed here, you go broke. But if you are the government you just make more money to cover the loss and continue on your merry way. Some might call it fiscal irresponsibility, but what we are really looking at is a double standard.

             Bernie Madoff is not in jail. Bush ordered illegal wiretapping! Alberto Gonzalez fired not on merit by political idealization? Country goes broke, and all you do is print more money and reward the kings of Wall Street for a job well done! All lumped into the wonderful world of the Double standard.


One thought on “Time nurturing a double standard

  1. Rudy

    New regime is starting out like the old regime. Just remember, “you” got what “you” wanted!

    …I have to disagree Rudy.. It’s hard to change a culture like the one set up over the last eight years and for sure some of us are impatient, but things will get better; they couldn’t have gotten
    much worse….geo

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