Time to wonder who’s on our side?

             I’ve noticed it and maybe you have too. Are the Democrats sailing on a ship of fools or do they just not know how to present themselves in public as educated, business men who  know what they are doing? Has the idea of bi-partisanship bit them in the ass so hard that they can’t see the forest for the trees? Are they behind their President or are they all under the desk waiting for the smoke to clear to see which side they really want to be on?

             So far when it comes to the stimulus package, which ever side seems to be putting forth popular rhetoric is the side they seem to be trying to associate with. The Dems appears to look more like the three stooges then a group hell bent on doing what is right for the American public. How many times have you seen the Dems out in front of the cameras putting their support behind either the bailout or stimulus package program? How many times have you seen a band of three or four republicans standing in front of the evening news cameras expounding about how wasteful the stimulus package is? I would wager the latter is your choice. President Obama has got to be wondering where the right wing media liberal bias is when you need it.

            Those against the package are prone to site things already taken out of it as reasons not to be for it; talk about a day late and a dollar short. Yet a sound bite is a sound bite and having cut their teeth on sound bites that are neither true nor supported by any facts this form of political clamoring serves only to muddle the issues. And when that happens; those against the bill win.

            And why are they against it? A quick search of any U-tube video shows these newly christened thrifty men to be the big spenders of yesterday. Their efforts now are not to defeat the bill, but the efforts of a President who they don’t like. What will be the outcome of killing the bill? No one is sure. But, it takes one back to the early Clinton years when Hillary and Bill decided to push for health care of all Americans. It taught them a lesson about drawing a line in the sand. They in effect never did it again. This may be an important lesson for our new President.

            He wants this bill badly. In fact he has focused all his energy into making it happen. But he didn’t write the bill. He didn’t perk it up with all of that pork. And you can be sure the very ones that are complaining the highest are the ones that sat around the table just weeks ago and nodded yes, let’s put that in there. All so that when it got passed they could tell the folks back home, look what I got us.  Only to scream the loudest about the parts of the bill that have nothing to do with rescuing any ones economy.

            The American people were sold a load of bull when former President Bush sold them on the Bank bailout. The taste of that debacle is still fresh in their mouths. It’s no wonder that letters and calls are pouring in telling congressmen and senators alike not to support the bill. The irony of it all is that this is the bill we needed, not the first one. And come Monday its time to start dealing out the second half of Bush Stimulus package. All bets are off on who is going to be against that money. Bottom line folks, if its support for you and I it’s a major discussion. For Wall Street, it’s a done deal. Hmmm, what was that about a double standard?


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