Time keeping score

             In the past when Congress called witnesses to gain information, it used to mean get ready for some eye opening grilling of some very nervous guilty people! Anymore it seems to remind one of the movie Casablanca where aides are sent out or round up the usual suspects! Little will come of it and the whole process seems more of a show for sound bite media than the initial fact finding stages that will produce new laws to protect the American Public.

             Unfortunately for The American people our wait for our pound of flesh; goes on and on! We are not a vindictive people, but the basic tenant of the American Dream is that cheaters don’t finish first. Don’t get rewarded with billion dollar bonuses, and are never the ultimate solution to their own crimes! Or at least they didn’t use to be!

            Last week when during the Madoff hearings, Congress was told that if the SEC was taken to Fenway park and left all afternoon, it was doubtful that any of them could find first base! The astute reply from all those called before Congress to testify on their agencies credibility and excuse for missing this elephant of a debacle in their bathroom; sorry, it’s under investigation; can’t talk about it.  Given the facts that investigations take years and years, its unlikely we will ever learn why these degreed and learned women looked the other way while, hard working men and women’s  life savings were stolen under their watch. Bernie Madoff is still sitting pretty in his multi million dollar penthouse while struggling mothers like the one in Florida last week tell the President she is living in her car and needs help. Adding more insult to injury how does anyone looking at the Madoff robbery think he alone pulled it off? He did it all by himself? Please.

             The Peanut Butter boys were sitting in Congress yesterday. I won’t give away the ending of their visit, but yeah, they refused to testify because answering any questions might incriminate themselves. Let’s see that SEC, Bernie and Peanut Butter Boys “3”, Congress nothing!       

            Next on the Hill are the bankers. Great news here; one of the bankers admitted that he gets it! He now knows that the old days are over and that increased scrutiny and things like common sense honesty will now be the law of the land. Can I get a, “Oh, Please America!”  I can still see that Shearson Lehman salesman sitting in my living room trying to sell me mutual funds going, “ Our company is as rock solid as America,”  invest your money with us. Last I heard he was selling tires at Goodyear. My other investment counselor is now a plumber! Now we are talking real money! But I digress.

             Ask yourself when you go to work today, what could you do that your boss should reward you with a million dollars? It’s going to take you a while. But the Bankers obviously have a lot of workers that do very special things.

             Either way, by the time they were done it was Congress, “0,” Bankers, SEC, Bernie and Peanut Butter Boys a clean sweep. Will we ever get some justice? We can only hope, but then again who’s keeping score?


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