Time playing your wild cards

            So I trust you all had lovely Valentines Day. To take that moment to tell the ones around you how important they are to you is something we all need to do. Congress apparently told the President they think he is pretty special too; finally passing after gutting, cutting, twisting, re-shaping, bad mouthing and re configuring his Stimulus package. Has it ever occurred to anyone that it a dam miracle that anything gets done in Washington?

            The President when he signs this bill on Tuesday however, should preface his remarks with; “ this is one small debt step for mankind and one large leap for over spending and establishing more and more government welfare for all kind”  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s  not the welfare of the single mother kind who can barely get by supporting four kids, nor is it the corporate welfare kind where we reward the Wing nuts corporation a total tax break for moving all of its factories to Puerto Rico and turning their  factories into brown fields. But the kind of welfare where once you take these checks you will be forever withholding to your federal government for your existences. Now that’s what I call job security.

             Somewhere along the line government appropriations got mixed up with government grants & stimuli & bailouts and the line will be forever blurred as to just what government spending is or should be all about. I could say the blurring goes clear back to the push to make government less inclusive and more distant but let’s face facts its has been a long time coming and now that it is here, no one is sure what is going on. Least of all you and I who have this grandstand seat watching the proceedings.

             Only thing now is that instead of being just spectators it appears more and more frequently someone from the government comes up into the bleachers and hauls one of us off to a public beheading!  Sure the audience at first cheered on as welfare mothers and cheats got carted off, but they are gone and now it’s your turn! 500,000 Jobs permanently lost in the last three weeks alone. Look who wants and needs welfare now!

             Loosing your house, jobs, and life long investments are all a product of spectator democracy. We have slowly lost the idea of government being a regulator and provider of support, to living in a world where regulation is company dependent and support comes only when it must be given! If one more person tells me we need to pay less taxes in the same sentence they are telling me we need to spend more on defense, infrastructure and the like; come on, are there no fiscal economist out there? And don’t tell me Mr. Geitner or any of the other new employees in Washington have the answer. So far none has impressed this reader or been able to tide the stem of greed and irresponsibility that has us on the brink of financial disaster.

            The wild card in all of this of course is the ability to make money as well as the ability to borrow it. In an endless loop, we make it and borrow it at the same time, like a gerbil on a treadmill. We can’t go broke if you can always go to the cellar and get more. And this is the way our government addresses the issue. The spenders are generally those in power and the naysayer the ones who aren’t. It is almost as if they have a one size hat that fits all in Washington and no matter who is wearing it, they other guy is the problem…   (More to come)


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