Time to send in some clowns

            When things get bad and you really need a laugh; what else can you do? It is becoming more and more apparent that things are getting worse. The man on the street not yet affected by the economic downturn is becoming scarcer and scarcer. Apparently only McDonalds and Ford are doing well enough to not need stimulus package money! When we first heard that this recession was a long time coming and now that it was going to be a long time before it was gone, we had no idea.

            After all, we don’t do long time very well in anything. Our medicines have to be the new and the latest. Drug companies have made million on us with the newest and latest, while in reality the old formula did just as well. We tire easily of bad news and for sure we got tired of the war a long time ago. Even if they were being fought somewhere a long way off, the American people can only take bad news for so long, before we turn on the giver of the news as if it was their entire fault.

            That being said, I recently heard former President Clinton making comments that he wished the President wasn’t so negative about the economy. Hmm, there is an idea. While I would hope that he wouldn’t approach the subject as if it was all going to be over tomorrow, he still has a long way to go to turn this thing around.

            The Repubs are digging in making everything the President comes up with sound bad, look bad and be bad. Their lack of support strictly a long party lines has done more to further alienation of their party between the American people and themselves than they have any idea. At least the Democrats when faced with a popular war at the time knew which side to get along with. In fact the idea of partisan support was never bigger during the Bush days. Strange that now that we are all supposedly working to save our own economy, that such mountainous dissension should be appearing.

            But then again, some add that this is politics. The Stimulus package continues to play badly with a lot of people. The line between government appropriation and flat out grants is way to blurred for some states and they are refusing their stimulus money. More for the rest I say. If you don’t want it, you explain to your constituents why your schools are closing and your infrastructure is deteriorating.

            More Bankers are questioning if they need the money as well. Too many restrictions and no assurance they will have the freedom they need to make fists full of money for thmeelves! Given the fact that now there are strings attached. And you thought no one would be longing for the good old days under Bush. The fact our government was ready to give away billions upon billions solely on the fact the Treasury Secretary gave them a three page letter should have us all a bit scared. The fact that some don’t want the regulation that goes with their rescue, even more so!

            So Mr. President tomorrow night when you make your speech, don’t hesitate to let us have it full blast. Better we deal with this now, then make nice as if it wasn’t happening. You didn’t create thins mess, but you are being charged with getting us out of it. And we will long remember your success in doing so, rather than the failure of the administration before you who created it!


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