Time cooking the books

             As the American people slowly learn of the flim flannery pulled off over the last eight years regarding our budgets, it becomes increasingly more and more difficult to think of a time when the previous Administration ever was honest with the American Public. Events that have come to light recently have one wondering; what were these guys thinking? Now that the budget is on everyone’s mind, we learn that their accounting methods were as dubious as their reasoning to go to war. 

            Apparently the Bush Administration wrote their budgets and had them approved every year minus one of their biggest expenses; the Iraq War. No line item for that. Talk about an administration with shaky book work. President Obama has banned such accounting practices in his administration.

             Cheers to that idea, but in reality if for the last eight years the books have been a cooking; expenditures have been hidden and we have tax cut ourselves to the brink of extinction, is there any reality to worrying about two versus three trillion of debt? No wonder the SEC had no problem letting people like Bernie Madoff run free. Bad management starts at the top of any company and works its way down! 

             How naive we were to think that the Enron debacle would shake the corporate world up enough for them all too get heir books in order. It appears as far as the banking industry was concerned that mess, was the whistle blowing start of a race to greedy city like we have never seen the likes of in history!

            I recently read where Dick Chaney stated that Regan proved deficits don’t matter! How quickly we forget that the Bush Administration inherited a 230 billion dollar budget surplus that now runs a trillion dollars the other way. In fact Bush may only come close to going down in history as the most unpopular President, but he certainly will go down as the most spending one who ever to exist. One can only laugh when one looks back and remembers that he took a company bankrupt in his earlier days.

            Tax cuts in the trillions and a war that basically outsourced our military to a bid for hire service, have put President Obama well in a hole he will find it almost impossible to save his way out of. Yet, that doesn’t mean he isn’t; going to try and when he tells us things are bad, the reality is finally starting to sink in. We got it when we saw a million people who couldn’t pay their mortgages. We got it when we finally realized a million people who had jobs for Christmas are now unemployed!

            As the President continues to addresses the nation on the budget we will undoubtedly hear from Republicans that it cost too much! That he is spending way to much on this aspect and cutting back way too hard on other section. These men should hide their heads in shame; for as far as we are concerned we have heard enough from them.



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